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6/19/2021 c112 JTRF
Great chapter. I look forward to reading your updates and love the stories you have created!
6/19/2021 c111 52shari
Paris is Paris lol. Finding out Vikki’s kids have special needs is interesting and Paris’ reaction very interesting.

Celeste and Rory catching up a nice interaction. G is one very emotionally damaged young lady. Teenage maturity is her worst enemy. She can’t see that both Celeste and Rory in their own ways trying to help her. Ok this will be some cliffhanger around Celeste
6/19/2021 c112 lucylulu
First of all I'm always surprised to see just few reviews to your new chapter. I always like reading them so I can imagine how they can you feel appreciated.
Many things going on, the call between the two Finn was really cute, and also the following talk with Charlie.
Hope C and F will go back to the kids topic, hope C didn't misunderstand him. F would be a great dad but he's never been in a serious relationship so it's only obvious that kids weren't in his mind.
Not that you have to have kids, it's a choice (I don't have any) but it could be a choice they make together
The talk with G was necessary, and I think therapy will help G, not a great life, money is not enough growing up with no parental figures at all. Rory is the first parent she had.
And I'm pretty sure who is at the door, and I really hope Rory will call Jess about the new arrival
so many open files... I wonder if a LOOOOOONG chapter will be enough
keep writing keep posting, thanks for this story
6/19/2021 c112 23Rori Potter
Oh damn! Who is it from her past?! Update soon.
6/19/2021 c112 Guest
Very interesting way of bringing a lot of strands together. The Finn - Finny chat was cute.
Respectfully, this fic has become so much about original characters that it doesn’t feel so much as a Rory/Logan and Jess/Celeste fic. There are far too many characters and storylines. Perhaps you might want to consider continuing the Finn story as a separate fic? He and Charlie have a lot of plot, and deserve to have their story told, just that it seems a bit too much here.
Apart from that, you’re keeping me on my toes! And what a cliffhanger. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
6/19/2021 c112 sandra-LE-223
oh dear what a cliffhanger! I wonder who it is, the assistant or even Celeste's mom, herself? no idea how long that letter would take to reach her ...
Poor G, that must be a really tough evening for her. I hope with a little time she can come to realize that therapy might indeed be a good idea.
And I seriously hope that Rory's and Celeste's friendship won't suffer from that revelation.
6/19/2021 c112 NotAsCuteAsPushkin
I love the daily update on this story. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more. Thank you
6/19/2021 c98 sandra-LE-223
I like Charlieand it's good to see Finn find a new friend. Though, I'm curious, of course, if this might develop into something more.
6/18/2021 c80 sandra-LE-223
This is really sad! I get why he would chose to go with that kind of response, it does make sense, from that legal and social point of view. And it might even save them a lot of hurtstopping this before some actual romance starts, before they develop deeper feelings just to realize that it doesn't really work with their difference in age. But yet, it is really sadI'm always rooting for love to win!
6/18/2021 c111 Rori Potter
Wow! Amazing. Update soon.
6/18/2021 c78 sandra-LE-223
I know commenting on this now might not really help in the sense of feedback you were asking for, timewise, but still I wanted to share my perspective on the situation with Gigi and Finn. There's this romantic within me that's really thrilled with both of them having some kind of feelings for each other. Anyone being in love, in it's pure, honest way, has me rooting for them. It's bittersweet here, I think, with their age difference. Even if they don't act on their feelings now and wait for things to become legal before they start anything, things might get really tough. Gigi is so much younger than Finn, and if they really were to become a couple in a serious way, like, planning a future together... well, they're 20 years apart, that's just really a lot. My husband is 9 years older than me and that feels barely tolerable from the perspective of having kids and growing old together (I'm 28 btw). I don't think I'd want to do that with 20 years between us. And I know that not everyone wants to have kids, which is absolutely a valid choice, but the growing old together part still remains. I can get really sad thinking about the fact that statistically, my husband will die so much earlier than me, and I really hope that he'll just stay healthy really long, but really, the odds aren't working in our favour. Wow ok I have taken that thought really far now, I mean, at this point, Gigi has a crush and Finn is intrigued, too. There's no indication that spending their lives together is what their thinking about. Still, with their connection not being one based purely on physical attraction but actual genuine interest in the other person, that's kind of the direction that my mind tends to go to. Bittersweet love that might just not be possible for being put to action. And to be clear, from my perspective, you're treating this subject very respectfully. I appreciate the boundaries they have/that Finn has set, trying not to put them into a situation that might become difficult to steer.
I have a really soft spot for Finn being interested in someone, genuinely interested in the person, not just looking to get laid, to a point that he turns down this opportunity (and probably others, too) for some uncomplicated adult fun. And I kind of recognise myself in Gigi, in the sense that she takes responsibility for her life at an early age and feels much more grown up than she's considered based on her age.
Long story short, I'm very curious about any developments regarding these two ... might leave another review later on.
6/18/2021 c111 lucylulu
loved Logan calling Finn, he's really happy for him
and can't wit for Finn calling Finny
"where have you been all my life?" the perfect sentence
they love each other, it has been fast but so intense
please update soon
6/17/2021 c110 Rori Potter
Intriguing. Update soon.
6/17/2021 c110 lucylulu
Great one! Waiting for the talk without G. And Finn’s sister definitely knows he’s got it bad.
Please update soon.
6/16/2021 c109 Rori Potter
Oh my! Wow. Update soon.
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