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8/11 c165 jordana60
I'm not sure how I would feel about my husband and (pseudo) ex wife/best friend having a private conversation. although in my head, I would know it was innocent, knowing that someone other than myself could possibly help him more than me, would sting. I probably wouldn't say anything, but it would be there.
My heart breaks for Logan only seeing his kids through video for too long now, and missing so much. I know Finny will warm up to him when he sees him, but that's gotta hurt.
I love that we finally get to remeet Olivia. I was waiting for her to say, "genius"! I am a huge fan of the 6 degrees of separation concept, and seeing how small the world really is.
8/11 c166 23Rori Potter
Oh wow! I’m glad Chris is getting a reality check. I wonder if her issues stem from him. Update soon.
8/11 c166 3roganjalex
A fantastic chapter can’t wait for more
8/11 c166 52shari
I can understand Charlie’s attitude about texting with G. Guy logic different than us girls.
I like that G is starting to have a lot of insight about her neediness. A call to her dad is a joke. Christopher likes the title of dad and the accolades that come from their accomplishments just not the work it takes to be a parent. He’s to swift centered for that. Like Rory standing up for G and not giving Christopher an easy out
8/11 c165 1sabrina-notthewitch
Can’t say I blame Charlie for her uneasy feeling. And I’m glad Rory put Christopher in his place, the sister thing trumps the parent thing until there’s a real danger is very fair.
8/10 c165 lucylulu
Love how close Rory and Celeste are in your story. And the fact Rory will go to Harford with her at the clinic. A real friend.
Poor Finny really missing mummy. And I can see the disappointment on Logan part. He will need to rekindle their relationship when he comes home. Luckily soon, he could do something with him just the two of them.
Can’t wait for Finn to tell Rory about Olivia. It could be one thing that will bring Rory and Charlie close.
Keep writing and posting
8/10 c165 sabrina-notthewitch
Love closing the circle with Olivia and the two degrees of separation.

I’m kind of glad Logan notices that Finny has a preference to Rory probably related to how long he’s been gone.
8/10 c165 23Rori Potter
Oh wow! Update soon.
8/10 c165 52shari
You are doing such a great job with Logan. You’ve made us be able to feel his disappointment about Finny and how he didn’t want other outside people to take away from his time watching his girls.
Charlie and Finn finally the connection to Olivia comes into play. Now it seems Finns turn to be on the outside looking in. More please. We need Logan home
8/10 c164 jordana60
Logan and Rory were at their most lighthearted, amusing I’ve seen yet. Getting inside Rory’s head on what she was thinking waking up with a hangover, and Logan’s amusement at it was a moment where they had no issues hanging over them. Rory wishing for a straw to the water at the mini bar was very funny! It was a much needed respite from all the heaviness between them.
Sometimes, I forget G isn’t even 17 yet. She has been through so much, and she’s become responsible, with a good head on her shoulders. I’m not sure why Lorelei was pushing G to ask Chris to come visit. I know she is his ex, but I’m not sure it was really her place.
8/9 c164 Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
8/9 c164 Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
8/9 c164 kmay07
I work for Sumitomo (stateside obviously), I've never seen the company referenced in a story before so I really enjoyed that lol. great chapter as always also.
8/9 c164 52shari
Oh the worst kind of hangover. At least you had Rory go out with a bang. Like how you have our favorite couple reconnecting. Logan would understand Celeste/Odette’s feelings about her mother’s death better than anyone. 8am is not early for babies and toddlers Lorelei. Lorelei talking to G about Christopher interesting
8/9 c164 lucylulu
Don’t apologize for the short chapter. It’s a gift having a new one every day.
Of course the longer the better.
About this one. Love how Rory and Logan reconnected. And you’re right. Logan is the one who understand better Celeste’s situation. But I’m sure she’ll really appreciate Rory’s shoulder and hug.
Good for Lorelei to realize that Leo is perfect for them.
And not sure about G and Chris relationship. Not sure she really miss him. He’s distant. Not just for being so far.
Keep writing keep posting. And thanks
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