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8/9 c163 jordana60
I would imagine the news of Sabine’s death left Celeste quite conflicted, along with some sense of relief as well. The loss of any parent, no matter what condition their relationship is hard, but Sabine’s death keeps Celeste from making some hard decisions.
Logan and Rory took a giant step in rebuilding their marriage. Sometimes, I find it’s sexier to wear more modest clothing, especially when your partner knows what’s underneath. It always leaves them wanting more;). The choice of restaurant was exquisite ( of course, I looked it up). Neither one of them is naive enough to think that all can be resolved in a couple nights, but it was good that Rory told Logan everything that had been going on. Logan sharing his deepest feelings and fears reached a level of trust I’m not sure they ever had before. The best part was that Rory listened to him about Owen, and trusted and respected him enough to step away from spending any alone time, or working with Owen. I believe they are well on their way to having a healthy marriage.
8/8 c163 9Sondrasr
Love that you can see them really talking to each other about anything and everything. So sad for Celeste about her mom. Great chapter
8/8 c163 23Rori Potter
Wow! Intriguing. Update soon.
8/8 c163 lucylulu
Poor Celeste.
What a chapter
What a sad news. Especially everything happening so quickly and not having the time to reconnect. She may feel relief now but rethinking of what happened she could feel bad.
Please have her call her therapist. And Rory too.
And about Rogan. So good they talked and there aren’t secrets anymore. Keep talking is the key
And about a job. I think she should start working at HPG. the possibilities and choices are endless
Keep posting
8/8 c162 jordana60
I didn’t think a chapter of this sexual nature could be filled with such emotion and passion, but you did it beautifully. They both wanted to experiment, but be cautious at the same time. The love and trust that they shared made this more about light bondage. All the options were laid out in front of them, and they decided together what they would start out with. They kept it safe and comfortable, but edgy and exciting. A special bond was definitely created between them that they can now build from that.
8/8 c163 52shari
Poor Celeste she needs to see or talk to her therapist. Reliefs about the family and hiding has ended but the grief of her mom passing might send her in a tailspin.
Rory and Logan just cute. Guys are guys about sex and Rory left quite the mind picture for Logan. I like that you seem to have them more comfortable with each other and almost back to some of the playful banter. Owen is a different situation and glad you have Rory taking Logan’s concerns to heart
8/7 c162 ImTheNana
This was a great chapter. Not because of the sex, but the realness of them struggling to get back to "them". I love Rogan, so any diversity in their story is intriguing for me. I just love this whole story. Not just Rogan, but "Jodete" and even Farley. All of your plots just kinda flow together. Paris and Vicki weren't even a surprise, I can see Paris being Bi. I have just really loved this whole story, and the previous one as well. I really don't want it to end!
8/7 c162 lucylulu
Such a hot chapter
Good for them to explore their sexuality
This weekend definitely will bring them together
Please keep writing and posting
8/7 c162 52shari
I love the complete trust in each other. They may have issues but the trust in their sexual relationship still there. Lots of fun in the future
8/7 c161 jordana60
I’m so happy to have some Rogan! I think it was a really good transition. It started out awkward and uncomfortable as they walked on eggshells , to the embarrassment, yet amusement of the vibrator, to the slight thawing with the questions( which were great). As far as the speed of it all, there’s still quite a ways to go, but the love has a,ways been there as a foundation. That’s never been in question, so it’s easier to start rebuilding from there.
8/7 c160 jordana60
There’s something about Paris and Vikki relationship that is very special. I don’t know if it’s because they’re both women ,but there is an level of caring , and ,and love that seems to be lacking in most heterosexual relationships. I don’t know for sure, as I have only been in heterosexual relationships, but it’s like there’s an understanding; like best friends with sex.
I love the way you captured Emily, feeling needed and knowledgeable, without getting mushy. She conveyed compassion in a stoic way. I don’t understand how an apartment as beautiful as this , in such a nice neighborhood, could be a 5 story walk up, with no elevator. I do sympathize with Sherry finding herself in this predicament and feeling stuck. I’m glad she’s realizing how G was effected by all this.
I knew right away that Charlie’s dad did not know about Charlie not being able to have children( her own, at least). He didn’t seem to be that cruel. I can also understand why Charlie wouldn’t have told him. I don’t think they have that kind of relationship.

I googled Lafigaro, and nothing came up
8/6 c161 lucylulu
I see them struggling but talking so it’s good.
Keep writing and posting
And love the place Finn choose for G’s party
8/6 c161 loganhuntz
Yay this is my favorite recent chapter by far! As much as I love the world you've created, I really miss the Rogan aspect of this story. Please give us more Rogan goodness and get them on better terms, they deserve it! I hope next chapter is a continuation of this and fully Rogan chapter again, I really want to see if I am right about about was in the ziplock that Rory hid.
8/6 c161 Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
8/6 c161 1sabrina-notthewitch
This is great! And I’m so happy for them to get this chance to reconnect.

Are we in 2020? I’m getting Covid vibes but I can’t tel if I’m imagining it.
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