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8/6/2021 c161 52shari
You did such a good job their nervousness and unease is palpable. I like the questions. Even a simple question you think you know the answer can surprise you when it’s a different answer. I’m glad Logan sort of explained the farm. The heck with Lorelei. This is Tory and Logan’s life. She lived lives hers as she pleases. Loved embarrassed Rory about sex toys
8/6/2021 c159 jordana60
I think its cute how Finn wants to go through Charlie's boxes to get to know her better. Its actually a good idea. I'm glad Finn doesn't have a problem keeping Charlie in the loop about G, and assures her he's just doing a favor for Rory. He doesn't laugh her question off like she's being crazy.
What a clever way for Paris and Tristan to run into each other. The way you described Tristan was how I felt him a few years after One Tree Hill, when he was all straggly and scruffy and I hardly recognized him. He balanced himself out later on, but at the time, it was a shock! I have to say, I'm impressed with the way Tristan is with Silas. It's not easy having a child on the spectrum; one would need a special kind of patience, and it seems Tristan has stepped up to the plate. I expected Tristan to be neutral when he found out about Vikki and Paris. It would be interesting to get into his feelings a little more.
8/5/2021 c160 lucylulu
I think it’s good that Emily being Emily talked to Sherry. And poor Sherry. Definitely scared and ashamed of her situation.
Can’t wait for Charlie and Finn to be in NY
and for Rogan interactions
Keep writing
8/5/2021 c160 Kellybras
8/5/2021 c160 Kellybras
8/5/2021 c160 52shari
Oh Emily just can’t pull yourself back. Didn’t give a thought to the fact you were giving out details that weren’t yours to give. You have to have sympathy for Sherry. That type of abuse does just what they aim for. It keeps her in check and makes her doubt herself. It also keeps her dependent on him. Watch out Remi she’s about to fly free.

Charlie’s dad just pathetic and doesn’t seem to be a lot of earth between father and daughter. Which makes me believe a lot more to that story
8/5/2021 c160 23Rori Potter
Oh my! Wow. Update soon.
8/4/2021 c159 52shari
Love the Charlie and Finn interaction. They have it bad.
I’m sure it took a lot for Rory to call Finn to ask for help with a venue for G. Rory was desperate.
The call to sherry also a very uncomfortable call for Rory to make.
Dealing with Lorelei is just draining at times. Yes get Rory on that plane to London
8/4/2021 c158 52shari
Rory has had one heck of a night. She truly needs to see and hear and importantly feel Logan. Rory’s call to Emily went better than Rory thought it would.
8/4/2021 c159 1sabrina-notthewitch
So good! I’m excited and hopeful about London.

Not sure how I feel about Charlie’s reaction.

I feel like Tristan will be maybe annoyed that Vikki is with someone he knew first, not that that matters at all.
8/4/2021 c159 lucylulu
I can see Charlie on difensive mode towards Rory’s request to Finn.
I also can see that Rory Logan are Finn’s family in NY and he does everything he can to help
About Paris. She told Tristan enough.
Vikki will talk to him if she needs to.
Thanks for the two chapters
Keep posting when you can
8/4/2021 c159 23Rori Potter
Huh, I thought he’d react a little more than he did. Will we see a fall out latter? Update soon.
8/4/2021 c158 jordana60
Of course, its a lot harder with no help, but no matter how much help you have, being a single mother with 3 babies can be overwhelming. The desire to get a moment alone at the right time to talk to your husband in another country cannot be easy.
Watching Logan and Rory talk made me realize just how difficult it is to express your thoughts and feelings when you're so far away. You can convey so much more with real eye contact, and a simple touch, not to mention sex. The way Rory feels about herself when looking in the mirror is not helping either. Right now, she has no reason to fix herself up, and she must look and feel haggard. going to London is a great idea. She'll get to feel like a sexy woman instead of just an exhausted mom.
I'm trying to think how Tristan will react to Vikki and Paris, but I'm not sure I know this Tristan well enough to presume, but if I had to guess, I'd say more favorable than negatively. I'm not sure he'll even care enough, but he will be thinking of how it will effect Silas
8/4/2021 c158 Rori Potter
Tristan might be shocked but I think he would be okay with it. Update soon.
8/4/2021 c158 lucylulu
great talk between Rory and Logan, finally
so good she's going to London, I was kind of hoping she would have gone to Paris and meet Logan there.
Be sure they'll have a weekend for themselves, no Owen, no Mitchum
Glad Rory talked to Sherry and Emily, I can see Emily wanting to scold her, Rory has really become the main and more responsible person in the family
Tristan reaction, they're divorced so...
And you know the Paris part of your beautiful story is the least appealing for me (don't really like the two characters, not the fact that the're involved ICYW) so maybe I'm not the best to give you an answer.
please update soon, another double treat would be music to my ears
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