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8/4/2021 c157 jordana60
I like the idea of Celeste asking Sherry to look at the properties. The thought that maybe she could use it as an escape was good. The friendship between Celeste and Rory is amazing. It’s so special to have someone who doesn’t judge, who doesn’t say what they think you want to hear, who listens. They are there for each other through all the good and bad. Looking back to the beginning, nobody would have predicted this.
Rory’s package yielded the reaction she hoped for. It melted the ice a little between them, and Logan appreciated her efforts. When Logan told Rory he’d do anything, it was the first real sign of hope. He really needs to get home.
Finn surprising Charlie was the sweetest thing! At this moment, they are the couple who light up the world!
8/3/2021 c156 jordana60
With a story of this length, all the characters become so real and human, and with that, as in real life, there are some people I’ve drawn to more than others. I adore Jess, and love that he and Rory are friends and in each other’s lives, but I just can’t warm up to Celeste. There’s no specific reason, I just don’t connect to her like the others. It took me a long time to realize that I don’t have to like every body, and it’s okay if not everybody doesn’t like me, and this goes for Celeste too. I just don’t think I understand her, and that’s okay. (Just thought I’d put that out there)
I feel bad that Logan is struggling. It’s awful when you know there’s a problem, but you just can’t put your finger in it. I really like that Rory’s making an effort , with the care package and all, but I don’t like that they both know there’s a disconnect, and don’t know what to do to fix it. I pray the tides will turn when Logan comes home.
8/3/2021 c157 lucylulu
Yay a double treat! Thanks
Loved the talk between Celeste and Rory. Sherry could be a good idea.
And the one between Rory Logan. Even if it was a short one
Yay. Finn and Charlie are back together.
Please keep writing
8/3/2021 c157 1sabrina-notthewitch
So good! I’m so happy for Finn. I’m so worried about Logan and his concerns surrounding Owen. I don’t think Rory would ever cross that line, she felt terrible when it happened the one time and that didn’t feel like her fault at all.
8/3/2021 c157 52shari
Love that logans’ defense was lowering by the time he got to the panties. Not everything is an ulterior meaning. It’s to bad she really couldn’t concentrate on Logan’s call. He does not realize what her day to day entails. Logan so wrapped up in his own feelings that it’s like he truly has forgotten how well he knows Rory.
Like the plan Celeste and Rory have come up with to utilize Sherry for checking the property out. Also Celeste idea of Rory going for a surprise visit.
8/3/2021 c156 52shari
Don’t think Emily really understands how afraid Celeste is of her family or how manipulative they can be. But she did a great job for Celeste even if not quite what Celeste was expecting. You did great dialogue between the three at the conference.
8/3/2021 c156 lucylulu
Emily did well
And Sabine realized that she has to take the first step toward Celeste
I really feel bad for Logan and Rory.
Hope he’ll be back soon and they’ll go to Marta’s and talk
And I think G and Celeste will help Rory
Please keep writing
8/3/2021 c157 23Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
8/3/2021 c156 Rori Potter
Intriguing. Update soon.
8/3/2021 c155 jordana60
Jealousy is a funny thing. When you’re the one who’s jealous, you stop being rational; Finn wasn’t thinking thatCharlie had worked with this boss before she met Finn and nothing happened. I also believe a little,harmless jealousy is not a bad thing. I’m seeing Rory and Logan drifting further and further apart…the lack of communication getting worse. I think maybe when you’re trying so hard to make things right, they sound good in your head, but can me misconstrued where you think you’re always saying the wrong care package is a really good idea. I hope it helps.
I liked seeing that G and Phillips were both respectful of the house rules. It was interesting seeing them together, and G having a friend her own age.
8/2/2021 c155 lucylulu
Can’t wait for Charlie to be in NY and meet Rory. I can see her worries about money issues.
And I really wish Rory will jump on a plane and go to London, even for just for a weekend. They need some connection
Loved G and Philippa together. Doing what girlfriends do.
Please update soon
8/2/2021 c155 Rori Potter
Intriguing chapter. A lot happened in the brief section for each character. Gigi is beyond her years in some ways but behind in others. Will Logan get the help he needs? He seems afraid more than anything. Update soon.
8/2/2021 c155 52shari
Yes great verbal and inner Finn dialogue about Charlie having dinner with her boss. Finns insecurities about Charlie coming just sweet. Glad she and Finn are talking through things and feelings.
Love the box Rory is sending Logan. An old love not and his favorite pair of her panties just perfect. Can’t wait to see how it’s received by Logan.
Love G seeing her her place through someone else’s eyes. G seems to be getting a better understanding about herself
8/2/2021 c154 52shari
I like you ha
Be Owen very cautious about working with Mitchum. Also liked how you felt with the Rory asking Mitchum. Will be interesting how things develop between Owen concerning Charlotte, Mitchum, and the job
8/2/2021 c155 1sabrina-notthewitch
Such a good update! Loved the Finn and Charlie update, I can’t wait for him to introduce her to his friends. I hope Rory and her can become friendly. I love the box Rory sends Logan, I hope he appreciates it. And sweet G I am so glad she is being a normal teen.
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