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2/26/2022 c13 Vintervolf
I enjoyed reading this story. The setting as a series of Kirby's memories worked well and, with some confusion, was understandable and moved the story along.

Thank you for writing and posting this here for us to enjoy.
7/18/2021 c13 Katladycrazy
Your history lessons are worth almost as much as your stories, and I consider your stories to be rich in plot, character development, and my much loved historical notes. Thanks again!
7/16/2021 c11 Katladycrazy
I sure do appreciate reading your historical notes and slang explanations. Most i know, but it is refreshing to see them used as they were meant to be used.
7/5/2021 c5 Katladycrazy
Kirby's pithy musing continue to either be amusing or insightful or both. Thanks for fleshing out Sarge's persona through Kirby's thoughts.
6/30/2021 c4 Katladycrazy
Kirby's thoughts are well-represented by your apt descriptions. Makes rereading all the more enjoyable!
6/28/2021 c2 Katladycrazy
Really appreciate your usage of adjectives to help the reader to accurately visualize Kirby as he does his ponderings.
6/28/2021 c1 Katladycrazy
Rereading your story. Love how you pick up on Kirby's own brand of lingo, i.e., the fingers on one foot, or getting their knickers in a knot. The show would allow Kirby moments like these that always got a smile from me. Will keep reading!
4/16/2021 c13 39Kirbysbabe
Thanks for the story. I truly liked Kirby's musings. There was still a little boy in him but it also gave the reader an idea of how he was growing as a responsible man.

I was never a fan of Eleanora Hunt. She was unprofessional not only in her job but also in her attitude with the Army. She caused too many people to be hurt or killed. My hopes were that she would get her credentials revoked. There were ways to work within the realm of the military but she was going to do it her own way. And the soldiers and the citizens paid that price.

Of course, there were only a few women who were photojournalists during WWII. One woman who had no experience working with the military was Dickey Chapelle. She learned to take pictures from a man who eventually became her husband, Tony Chapelle. She got noticed for an article she did on an air show disaster in Cuba. She had limited experience and yet, she became a war photojournalist for National Geographic. This was her first assignment. She was posted with the Marines during the Battle of Iwo Jima and the Battle of Okinawa.
4/16/2021 c12 Kirbysbabe
When I was 11, I wanted to go with my friends to Woolworth's (for those who don't know, it was like the Dollar Tree or Family Dollar, with a diner and a soda fountain.). Mom said no but I kept badgering her. Then I got mad and said, "I wish you'd shut." That was as far as I got. I got the surprise of my 11 yr. old life. I wasn't too big to be spanked!
4/14/2021 c13 61tallsunshine12
Great rendering of what war really is to the innocents caught in the middle. E. Hunt's depictions, I believe, taught Saunders that there's more than one way to tell a story. E. Hunt's way was for all time, capturing what soldiers saw day to day, but archiving it for the future. Love Kirby's viewpoint about the Sarge's going off by himself to strategize and think. Keep bringing us great tales of the inner thoughts of the squad!
3/30/2021 c7 tallsunshine12
I love Kirby's rapid-fire remembering of the discomforts and privations of war through his own experiences. Great chapter! I believe he admired E. Hunt after all.
3/22/2021 c13 Katladycrazy
Well done, dear writer! The trip has been a trolley ride through Kirby's feelings and memories. I have re!ived the episodes with him and felt his emotions. LittleJohn added a bit of "color" to the background of Kirby's musings. Your history lessons are spot on to what I have learned over the years from reading, and from stories my two great-uncles and one great-aunt (a Captain in the Army Nurse Corps) told me, as they all served in the ETO and Africa. Stories told once,then never again, and only after a few beers. Their memories of the evil haunted them until the day they died. We should never forget that such evil exists. Thank you again!
3/20/2021 c13 Chris
Thanks for the concluding chapter. Appreciated so much.
3/19/2021 c13 churchlady63
Hell is an apt description of the village. Miss Hunt will have her nightmares. Kirbys sense of responsibilty to stay with Billy conflicts with his need to help Caje. Back to the present, he and Littlejohn know the routine and the stress Sarge is under so they do what needs to be done without having to be told. Littlejohn points out Sarge's stance after he's off the radio to Kirby. They've seen it before and know what it means. Bet the new guys are twiddling their thumbs waiting for instructions. Great story. Thanks for writing.
3/19/2021 c6 tallsunshine12
True to life characterization of the general! You captured him perfectly as well as Sarge's respect for him. Kirby acknowledged Saunders' giving the old warhorse his just due and appreciated it. He's always learning from the Sarge, even sometimes when he doesn't know it himself. Great chapter!
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