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11/11 c26 57LunarHarmonious
Please do more of this story, I really love it
11/1 c26 Elliot-DE
10/29 c26 2decadenceofmysoul
Another brilliant update!
10/29 c26 Navywife07
Glad he decided to rejoin can’t wait for more
10/29 c26 2alixandria
I just hope the pack can defeat Victoria And her army and that the cullens will help but keep Edward at bay? Please let Jacob and Bella finally get their HEA please!
10/29 c26 MMTyler
I really enjoyed reading this chapter.
10/17 c25 Guest
Aww, Jake and Bella are so cute. Glad they had quality time together without fighting. But looks like it’s about to get real. Jake better make a decision about fighting with the Cullens fast. Also, does Bella have no concern about the baby right now?! Not knowing if she does considering everything she’s worried about is killing me!
9/22 c25 Magnolia512
It was nice that Jake and Bells got to have some time to themselves and enjoy being a regular couple going to prom!

I can see and understand Bella’s side and her worry of creating a bigger problem if the wolves don’t rejoin the fight against the newborns. I’m not so sure I agree with her though because I see Jake’s side to.

It bothers me however that she doesn’t seem concerned about herself and the baby at all with the separate threat Edward poses all on his own! Shouldn’t she be just as worried about that as she is about the Cullens being massacred?

Also still curious why Sam said what he did!

Can’t wait to find out!

Thank you for another incredible update! I really appreciate it!
9/22 c25 1Taylor9901
I can’t wait for more
9/20 c25 MMTyler
I'm so proud of Jake taking Bella to the prom.
9/20 c25 4Gracie04
Another wonderful chapter! Jake & Bella are so adorable. I was so happy he took her to prom so they could have a little normalcy right now. Glad Cullen didn't show up at the prom to ruin it! Jake seems to be leaning toward making a decision to fight with the Cullens. I'm afraid this is going to be a terrible battle with that psycho vamp Victoria. I can't wait for her to get what's coming to her. Loved it! Thank you for updating! Great story!
9/19 c25 2alixandria
I hope the pack can defeat Victoria's army and the volturi and Edward please let Bella and Jacob and the baby get their HEA please don't take that away from them please!
9/19 c25 2decadenceofmysoul
Another brilliant update!
9/19 c25 Navywife07
Amazing update can’t wait for more
8/24 c1 Amy Krakower
I think Sam was way out of line saying to Jacob that he will imprint and forget Bella. It sounds like he wants Jacob to imprint on someone else so he leaves Bella. I think Bella will be completely broken if Jacob imprints on someone else. Maybe he’ll imprint on her after the baby is born.
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