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for Nothing But Strings

3/13 c2 Original Guest
Got to love Taylor timing.
3/12 c2 1JayJR
So romantic. Even Harold approves. Everyone needs to be with someone safe in someplace good.
You understand so well.
3/11 c2 31jakela
Favorite lines:

"I want you."
"I want this."

"We can work on being vulnerable together."

But Joss was different. With Joss he felt...safe.
3/10 c2 DreadWoman
Powerful lines that capture who John really is and what he actually needed.
"He felt safe. Protected. He never knew he needed to feel safe. Not when he had spent most of his life protecting himself. It wasn't just a physical security that he felt either. It was a much deeper security that went beyond the physical. He leaned slightly back to kiss the smooth skin between Joss's brow as the revelation unfolded for him.
Joss had given him a haven. A world where he didn't have to be the only protector. But he could also be the one being protected."
3/9 c2 39magensby
Ah Joss is John's haven. That is so sweet!. Thnx for the read.
3/8 c2 Coreenmm
Thank you so much for this story. I love it!
3/8 c2 mona75
This was so good. Thanks for sharing.
3/8 c2 48SWWoman
I love this chapter so much! John, who thinks nothing to getting into gun fights were he's out numbered, freaking out over finally taking the next step with Joss. Joss just accepting John as he is and going with the flow. Taylor catching them making out like high schoolers and wanting to grill John on his intentions towards his mother.

Thanks for the big smile!
3/1 c1 24wolfmusic218
OMG. This was so, so good! Joss taking no prisoners and leaving John to make up his damn mind. It must feel so good for her to have that weight off of her shoulders and lay it at his feet.
But she read him, didn't she? She sees him like no one else ever has or ever will and she showed him.
Awesome call backs to the "You're stuck with me" line and his doomed history with Jessica.

So...when's part 2? :)
2/28 c1 impvme
Well I hope John is not so distracted that he gets into more trouble than usual or hurt. Ok. Maybe trouble, then there could be more to the story...?
2/28 c1 Lady Sundiver
Enjoyed it? Of course I enjoyed it! So glad to have you back on the boards.

John, wake up and smell the coffee for pity's sake! The woman is completely in love with you!
2/27 c1 elaine0510
Oh please hurry and post part 2. Hope it will be about John’s perspective. Thanks for the story. You were spot on!
2/27 c1 14TennWalker
You can't be serious! I know you didn't just let him leave! Bring his ass back! NOW! LOL! Please tell me there's a sequel to this...don't make me beg.
2/27 c1 31jakela
An absolutely beautiful visual of Joss touching John's face and his reaction to it - stunning!
2/27 c1 Samfav
I like it
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