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2/2 c12 Sons of death
Wait just realized. Is this going to end up being Eren x Ymir.
1/21 c12 95Miqila
I like this story, but I fear it could get a little boring with just Eren and Ymir and not really having any other named, long time characters... unless the ones named will appear again? Like that prisoner, or the guard that went to get Eren when the prisoner woke up... or this new woman.

Anyway, I do wonder why would someone specifically bite the napes of people's necks. One explanation would be someone having heard Eren and Ymir's conversation and wanting to get their power by doing so, but had that happened, wouldn't that someone know what the two looked like and not target random people? Hmm, I wonder where this will go.
12/29/2022 c10 Isaasol2
Hmm, I might as well go ahead and state my theory that I had in 2019 before the final seasons and end of the manga came out. I believed that Eren was a reincarnation of Ymir, and somehow the reincarnation, titan powers, and origins of Ymir would be explained in some way in the final seasons; Ymir's story being parralel to Eren's becuase she is him, was him. Like she was an Eldian slave to Marley, somehow and someway found the Devil of the World and made a deal with him to become a Titan, and she fought to make Eldia free and later married into the Fritz line before dieing. But even in death she wasn't exactly dead, and she watched throughout history as her people used her gifts to commit atrocities and always be persecuted by the world, that they would never truly be free. So she used the Titan Powers to plant the seed of her life into a forming baby to become Eren and so on... but that never happened and it turned out that the story had several more curveballs and became much more complicated. AoT is still good, always be my favorite anime and story, just disappointing that Eren wasn't the reincarnation of Ymir as I theorized/hoped.
11/8/2022 c1 Clovic.Blaze
Great story I’m loving it
11/6/2022 c12 kokushibo927
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
10/19/2022 c12 2Talented00Reader
Hey, nice chapter! I hope you would write more of this story. Would love to read more! Keep up your work and publish at gour own place and take care ! I hope to read more from this story.
10/12/2022 c12 a Fan
So Ymir is a teen now? hopefully she gets better.
Thanks for writing this, Ymir & Eren are pretty nice to read specially when they show they care for eachother.
10/6/2022 c12 Guest
this story is really cool I love the vibe that the writing has.
Eren and Ymir relationship is great i love it(:-D)
10/5/2022 c2 LL the Phantom
Another thing, we have Seen that Zeke was able to form hardening crystals on his human nape, if he a descendant of royal blood could do it, then Ymir and Founder!Eren definitely can.
10/5/2022 c12 LL the Phantom
I loved the new chapter, But…

I’d also love to see more of that Eren x Lara Tybur fanfic idea you had.

Either way I look forwards to more from you. Stay happy and safe
10/3/2022 c12 Guest
Will Ymir be the one to discover the killer? I think she’ll accidentally discover them and they’ll try to murder her but they won’t be expecting her regeneration ability.
10/4/2022 c12 Wicked.A
Nice chapter
10/2/2022 c12 Guest
Thanks for the chapter, can't wait for more.
10/2/2022 c12 Crescent cut 101
When this arc is over will there be more pov from the eldia and marley? You know after eren reveal himself they will change strategy now.

Plus ymir feelings for eren will there be more of that?
10/2/2022 c12 Atlas073
Hmm, I wonder if the ones responsible for the killings, are Cannibal tribe Hange mentioned that one episode
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