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3/6 c1 5MickyD777
Ugh. UGHHH. This. As usual, you hit the nail right on the head. I’ve often wondered about that “missing scene” too, and his mom’s extreme concern about Henry, while completely ignoring the fact that she was very MIA during Shawn’s ordeal.

But thisss! This is perfect. Delightfully angsty, and sweet (I love Shawn and Henry’s rocky relationship so much), and it really addressed something that I, at least, needed to see. Also love the idea of drunk!Shawn... now I need more fics exploring that side of our brilliant “psychic”. ;)

Brilliant job, as usual! Thank you for sharing this. xx
2/28 c1 21PrePsychPineappleLover
Wow, I never thought about that but it totally makes sense for Shawn to feel angry and disappointed with Maddie! Thanks for this little scene, it fitted so well!
2/28 c1 44smuffly
What an interesting point (about Maddie's differing response). I'd never considered it but it does make sense, especially the way you have written it here.

(Perhaps she knew that Henry would take care of Shawn, but didn't trust Shawn to take care of Henry. Which is an equally sad thought.)

I'll be thinking about this for a while now.

Love your attention to detail - Shawn not liking the whisky much, Henry having 'feelings' (I can hear Shawn in my head: 'I'm sorry... did you just say you know feelings?'), your various descriptive references to their drinks that actually help to convey the mood (such as 'staring into amber'). They really round out the story. I also love the way you twist it so that what appears to be a story about Shawn's shock at what he saw, and Henry actually apologising, becomes something entirely different and far more moving/personal. You're right- we never saw Shawn get angry with his mother, even when she confesses, and he really did have cause so it's good to see that addressed here, and with Henry, as a balance.

"Thanks for coming," Shawn said, so quietly Henry barely heard it over the noise of the bar. "Today, and..." That's perfect, as is Henry's response. Brings it all together.

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