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for Romeo and Juliet (But Annabeth & Percy)

9/18 c17 Anz2KFire
nah hold up

i mean annabeth is at blame cause she ran away and said literally nothing to explain and then quit with the worst reason known to pjo kind.

also wut
8/13 c16 TheProudPearl24
hiii! i am sooo sorry for not reviewing last chapter. I read it but at the time i wasn't logged on- i was reading it from my friend's laptop cos i was staying with her for a week. Anyways, this chapter was actually really angsty. I hope Annabeth realises that she has to face her emotions. I'll take the leftovers! PM you my address? ;) Anyways, can't wait 4 the next update

keep writing & stay safe!
8/7 c16 1ViridianAV
you just... put the same chapter twice..
7/31 c4 Saviour
Why would you make Percy be enemies with Annabeth and even want to break her heart because of 150$ ? that's not fair Mann
7/31 c1 Saviour
Good write-up ,I'm digging it already
7/31 c15 3Annabeth777
BRING ON THE ANGST. Lol in all seriousness though, great chapter. I can definitely see Rachel playing the ‘he broke up with me’ card. She’s so melodramatic sometimes. Love the chapter, great job!
7/25 c14 3Leo the fire boy
This was very good chapter you clearly a gifted writer do you think you can review my story and tell me what I'm doing wrong.
7/25 c9 Leo the fire boy
Why does everyone make Rachel look like a jerk a makes everyone hate her
7/25 c1 4McShizzleSupreme778
Theatre kids rise up! I love stories set in theatres, or on film sets, especially romances. There's something about them that just draws me in, and yours has done just that. I love it already! Excuse me while I go read the next chapter.
7/25 c14 TheProudPearl24
You're welcome! A few sentences of what I hope is encouragement is the least I can do after you take your time to write this story for us when you already have so much going on in your life. A beach wedding sounds perfect! But since your husband hates sand you could lay a carpet or a marquee or something so that his feet don't have to touch the sand. I loved this chapter! It was so cute and fluffy and so Percabeth I just wanna squeal. Is Percy going to tell Annabeth about why he did what he did? I can see what you mean about this being kind of slow- burn. They're together but not together together with the kissing and stuff. I can't wait for the next update.

Keep writing & stay safe!
- Maisie 3
7/24 c14 3Annabeth777
Awwww love the chapter. I honestly love fluff so I loved this fluffy chapter. Great chapter!
7/13 c13 3LadyHW
Ok ok ok wait. If this is the story of Romeo and Juliet… except with Annabeth and Percy… ah jeez they’re not going to die are they? (Also this is a great story btw)
7/13 c13 3Annabeth777
Awww, we love the Percabeth fluff. Great chapter, as always!
6/23 c12 Annabeth777
Congrats on your engagement! Glad Percy finally broke up with Rachel. Again, congrats!
6/23 c12 TheProudPearl24
Oh don't worry about it! None of us are mad about it. I was concerned about you, but not mad. I get it, this is fanfiction. You're doing it for yourself, and you want to share it with us. You're not getting aid to do it; it's for fun. Congrats! When are you getting married? I'm really happy for you. Anyways, on the chapter... this was really great. Percy really needed to get out of that toxic relationship. Honestly Rachel reminds me of some of the bratty girls in my class- she doesn't deserve Percy. Is this gonna be a slow- burn Percabeth? Cuz those are my favourites. Can't wait 4 the next update!

Keep writing & stay safe!
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