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for Pokémon Journeys: Mallow's Visit

3/27 c1 63AshKetchumForever
This is definitely a cute start to a great fic. Keep up the great work!
2/27 c1 Guest
This will be interesting and I just hope ash isn't dense or as childish in this story and notice his own feelings towards her and mallows feelings towards him and even eventually ask her out on a date like give her a tour around pallet town or even bring her to see some of the other towns or city's she hasn't been to during her first visit in Kanto I can see Mallow and Chloe get along very well and even give her some food to try out to see what she thinks of mallows cooking and get to know each other and tell stories of what there experiences and adventures were like with ash since they first met him and hopefully the chapters be bit longer
3/1 c1 True Master
Love the first chapter, Keep up the good work!
2/28 c1 5magic135
Great start.
2/27 c1 2MorphMaster18
Nice Fanfic, Dragon. Keep up the good work.

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