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3/2 c1 citylily
This one shot was pure love. Always loved the boys·' love of bunnies and reference to that. Love seeing Gus caring for his best friend. Absolutely adored that Shawn got 10 baby bunnies to feel better. This fills in the lack of explicit support when Shawn was hurting from breaking up with Jules on the show. Loved the mental image of these boys snuggling with the bunnies- it gives me the warm fuzziness even with the not so happy conversation topic.

Thanks for sharing!

(Btw I read your awesome and terrifying parts of I'll be right here. Still processing before posting feedback for them.)
3/1 c1 26Gingeraffealene
Kinda sad but Super cute. As the owner of two ferocious and adorable bunnies, I have to say that bunny depiction was not at all accurate. Sorry. Those bunnies would’ve been scattered to all the shadowy corners of the room either eating the furniture or destroying the electrical cords. Maybe this happened at 3-4 in the afternoon when they are pretty much comatose. ;)
Gus and Shawn were perfect as ever though! Love it, Smuffly!
2/28 c1 1legacyalice
2/28 c1 32shuuuliet
You DID write a break-up fic, and you did it so well!

I seriously loved this! On the show, we only get to see Shawn and Gus' love of bunnies in "Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers", but I absolutely believe that this would be how Shawn would get comfort during the break-up. He would definitely try and pass it off as just needing a mascot for Psych, but I love how Gus sees right through that, and also that we get to see how carefully Gus is navigating through this situation with Shawn.

I loved this line from Shawn: "He likes girl bunnies, carrots and snuggles. And world peace, obviously." His eyes narrowed. "You're not happy. Why aren't you happy? I asked for the strongest bunnies they had." That is so perfectly in-character that it could have been pulled straight from the show! Also the line that they are better than Benadryl, and the exchange about "ten accusing pairs of bunny eyes"/nine, because Bert fell asleep again. All of those lines felt so Psych!

The final two paragraphs were my favorite-I loved the wise advice from Gus, and the way that he felt the two bunnies climbing into his lap together was prophetic. And, I loved Shawn's realization that he can't give up. Not with Jules, she's too important to him.

I loved this story so much! So glad you decided to take your friend's advice and write a fic with a bunny called Bert! This was such a wonderful Sunday treat!
2/28 c1 9PatriciaF
Yaaay! Bunnies! I love how you described the cute and cuddly creatures. Clearly Shawn was ill-equipped to handle ten bunnies, there was no food or water in sight! It only added to the spontaneousness of his actions.
Having not watched the whole series yet, I am glad this wasn’t ‘really’ a spoiler, as Gus says, couples fight... my guess is that they’ll get back together again.
The main question that bugged me throughout the while story is... Who The Heck Would Let Him Have Ten Bunnies?
2/28 c1 15scifipony
Okay, you did it. You managed to write the ONLY post-break-up fic I enjoy. More than that, I LOVE this so so much. The visual of all the fluffy bunnies is overwhelmingly adorable. And as someone who owns an angora, I agree with Gus, they are exactly like stroking a cloud. Bert is such an adorable name for a bunny! I want them to keep him and make him their permanent mascot. He could go crime solving with them. Also, I just loved all the supportive Gus in this. He's such a good friend. I liked him trying to gauge Shawn's reactions and using that to guide him in what to say. Felt so bad for Shawn here, seeing how much he's struggling through this situation. And while I personally would have picked the 'crazy bunny guy' option, I guess it wouldn't be right for Shawn - he needs people in his life to keep him focused. And yay for guys night! I love them just hanging out together, being the insanely chaotic brothers they are.

Also, this line:
"His name is Bert," Shawn supplied. "He likes girl bunnies, carrots and snuggles. And world peace, obviously." His eyes narrowed. "You aren't happy. Why aren't you happy? I asked for the strongest bunnies they had."
That whole part is just so Shawn. It felt like dialogue that would be in an actual episode. And that really helps cement this piece as a part of the show. It could easily be a 'missing scene' sort of thing.

Anyway, wonderful fic! I'm so happy I checked the Psych archive this morning and saw this. It was a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you for sharing this adorable and fluffy (in more ways than one) story! Loved it and now I'll be carrying that mental image of Shawn sleeping in a pile of bunnies for the rest of the day. :)

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