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for The Song of Flute

5/25 c15 Guest
Dude, please stop, just stop. STOP DOING WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND UPATE!
Now seriously, the story has been great thus far and I cant wait to read more so I cant wait for an update. I hope youre doing good wherever you are and will come back soon, this page needs great authors like you.
Much Love!
4/20 c15 Tr1vium
This story is great lol. I'm so glad I found it. I really hope The Uchiha clan isn't killed in the story though. I'd rather not see if Naruto's promise to Izumi to always have her back even if everyone else is against her holds true if it means he leaves Natsumi to do so. Their relationship is adorable, and I don't want anything to happen to cause it to strain lol. But on a serious not I really just don't want the fucking awful ending that Itachi got in canon to happen in the story. Anyways, I can't wait for the next chapter!
4/13 c15 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Oh god, Hinata and Neji cracked me up at the end.
4/12 c6 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Hasirama is dead thus proving Orochi's idea a fail.
3/13 c7 2Clay Bach
I feel like the name was chosen by one of samui's ancestors. just makes me laugh a hit more.
2/21 c15 TehStorm
Great chapter. I hope naruto will influence the story enough so that Izumi won't have to leave the village...Also hoping to see more moments between them soon~~

Btw, i hope we will see naruto using some mokuton in a battle soon...
2/12 c15 Marvelous Pathetic
Nice will wait for more updates.
2/12 c9 Marvelous Pathetic
Would like more main characters screen time but this is fine. 10% of chapter being various characters POV is still ok.
2/12 c8 Marvelous Pathetic
Ey, being wet in snow/blizzard will guarantee death from hypothermia. But hey, simple mistake (?)
2/12 c7 Marvelous Pathetic
When the fic turn 120 degree to comedy. :p
2/12 c5 Marvelous Pathetic
A nicer timeline for Hyuga :D
2/12 c4 Marvelous Pathetic
This couldn’t be Madara, that guy is in his old age at this time ,right? Teenage Obito? Maybe?

Nice finally we meet the sister.
2/12 c3 Marvelous Pathetic
Oh I hoped Naruto would stay in orphanage and be with his sister, but she’s just a newborn toddler so..(?)
2/12 c2 Marvelous Pathetic
Nice start.
2/12 c15 9sd74
Natsumi has unleashed the first "Minature War" (tentative title).
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