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9/21 c5 31Geo Soul
Damn that was Deep...and I Love it
9/13 c5 2nuuo
Oh my god, this chapter is so bad. I'm just going to find an ocean and keep swimming until I don't see the shore anymore.
8/14 c4 6PsychicTitan
I love the chapter, it feels fitting for the wild weirdness that is the Loud House. Luna’s powers were a bit of a surprise so it will be fun to see where that goes.

The only thing that confused me a bit was Lana as I don’t remember seeing any previous hints at her attraction to Lisa or girls in general. But, I’m not going to question it, just see where it goes. I got a bit of a vibe that she wants to try and steal Lisa from Lincoln based on her jealousy and her attempts to make Lincoln look foolish (not that it matters much as being goofy is one of his charms), which hopefully doesn’t get too bad or drive a wedge between them as I loved seeing how supportive and caring he was with her in the show. As he was with all the siblings.

I’m really excited to see what happens next for everyone and learn about the secrets that were teased.
8/9 c4 2nuuo
Looking forward to Snapped! updates. A neat side story with Luna in story. My mind is dirty from reading another author's work so I'm imagining Luna gets out of speeding tickets with her womanly charm being used against her. Lisa's Namekian name being Madoo is funny, gonna shorten it to Moo, funny how Madoo doesn't sound like an instrument. But then again Nail and Dende aren't names of instruments either.
8/1 c4 simm36
muy buen capitulo pero me preocupa un poco como mesclaras los mundos de the loud house, dragon ball y no se que mundo de super heroes.
6/26 c3 nuuo
Saw a Fist Of The North Star and Naruto references. The lewd scenes were done well.

Can't wait for more of Snapped! I still shape Luna and Lincoln in that story.
6/21 c3 simm36
me encanta esta historia continua por favor.
gran capitulo.
6/20 c3 Phillip Craig
Amazing Chapter Ever
5/11 c2 nuuo
Lisa is obviously half slug. Green is her favorite color after all.
4/20 c2 3Omi Twilight
I feel like you're redoing our ancient collab just with a Loud House skin LOL
4/20 c2 Shiv
After reading 4 shitty crap stories and reading this one. Its actually a breath of fresh air to see something more unique. Its pretty obvious what Lisa is but im really curious at how things will progress. Keep the work going and dont fuck it up.
4/12 c2 Tristen
Thanks for the chapter!
4/12 c1 Tristen
This is a good one man!
4/12 c2 simm36
me gusta gran capitulo
3/1 c1 2nuuo
Lisa is a Namekian, calling it now.
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