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3/2 c26 Guest
I don't know why this author is so insistent on making his MC act like a moron.

Sure, he might not have known how Voldy would attack him, but he knew it would happen. He KNEW that he would not be getting outta the third task without getting attacked. Yet, he disregarded caution and grabbed the completely LAST PART of the third task, expecting nothing to happen?

As for the fight between MC and Voldy... it was just stupid. Even when the MC woke up after being AK'd. The first thing he wanted to cast at Voldy was Stupefy? Really? I lost all my faith in this MC's intelligence.

Then when he returned to Hogwarts, he started screaming that Voldy is back. Like... what good would it do to him? He KNEW it would just tarnish his reputation and NOBODY would believe him anyway. It would just make enemies for him.

No. It is simply the author wanting his MC to act like in canon. Nothing more and nothing less. If the MC was smart and actually used his friggin brain, he would think about the consequences of his actions and be more on guard. I would be okay if things did not go well for MC. But here he is just doing retarded things to progress the plot in the way the author wants.
2/29 c33 Veritocracy
Really Great work, looking forward to possible continuation in the future, know you have me wishing you luck
2/24 c33 Guest
Pathetic. Just like a mad dog. Shame to nobe and ancient houses of pitter and slytherin.
2/24 c32 Guest
Pathetic. A pure blood heir showing his emotions. A living shame to mighty house of potter and slytheryn
2/7 c33 Guest's been like 18 months.. hope you do come back? If ever? Or
1/3 c4 Grosvenor
Not relative ,a descendant and too not to . Do get a dictionary !
12/14/2023 c33 richdsils
so a floating spark has burnt out it seems seeing as the last update was some 16 months past? shame goodish story so far
12/8/2023 c33 1Jeremiah Malkai
It's a shame to see it end, but I thoroughly enjoyed the story. As you pointed out, it took a lot of ideas from other fics. But it stands on it's own as a 4th year re-write.

Thank you for all the hard work.
11/24/2023 c33 wandamarie
thank you
11/24/2023 c32 wandamarie
thank you
11/24/2023 c31 wandamarie
thank you for the story so far
11/24/2023 c30 wandamarie
thank you
11/24/2023 c29 wandamarie
thank you for the story so far
11/24/2023 c28 wandamarie
thank you
11/24/2023 c27 wandamarie
thank you
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