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11/29 c20 Naiden
Fleur received 39 points.. Harry received 42... I think even the way you're making the judges obviously biased, this thought process makes zero sense.
11/7 c33 KenyanHammer
Good stuff. Eagerly waiting for the next chapters.
10/31 c6 3blueknight0712
Salazar: I don't knosw what a Malfoy is, but it sounds disappointing.
10/30 c33 N. A. Wennerholm
As for the crowd, I would beat the living shit out of them. You want to know why especially in one Harry James Potter. I have every one of you being beaten up. It all has to go with what a disgrace every one of you is. With how you mistreat others and each other. I gave you a set of rules/laws to follow and obey but you have rejected them now you have to suffer the consequences for that disobedience. Many of your leaders were warned about they refused to listen and now they face a death sentence.

Chapter 30
When it comes to this shit I would tell them this is the final straw I told you what would happen if you pulled this crap again and you did. So by order of Yeshua and Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second U hereby announce the Execution of The Employees of the Ministry for Magic and The Members of the Wizengamont. Because people keep disobeying and not listening.
You people keep thinking you do not have to answer to a higher power. How wrong you are. And because of his wring you people have been you are all going to gave to pay now for it. You people have proven unworthy of self-rule and policing in fact you have even proven incapable of managing your private affairs and a danger to yourselves and others thus as a result you are all being placed under a conservator guardianship which means your assigned guardian will be managing all of you legal and financial and medical affairs. All of you will be required to go to school to learn what you should have learned a king time ago and you will be going to one of the Queen's accredited schools. And every one of you will be tested until you have proven you have knowledgeable and competent and sane. And that much of your discrimination has been shown as wrong and no longer tolerated and if necessary that may mean wiping clean much of the shit from. your minds to do so.
10/30 c20 N. A. Wennerholm
I would have spelled out to everyone involved what was not allowed but going against my orders would result in their deaths. Meaning I would execute them right t by myself and there in form of the media. Thus the Headmasters and headmistress and all of the ministry employees are in charge of this immoral criminal tournament. And I would tell them to say goodbye to their lives and their families and say hello to Yeshua since he will be the one to judge them for their final punishment. But while at it I would be laying down the law for the rest of the magical world on what will and will not be tolerated and allowed to break the law and they will also die and will have to answer for all of their crimes and sins before Yeshua. A tournament doesn't need to endanger lives but every God damned task but that is exactly what is going on. And I do not forgive people who refuse to acknowledge and see what they are doing wrong. After all, as the saying goes "the wages of sin our death." And many sins are also crimes. So thus by this, The Wizarding community won't like what will happen to them because of their constant disobedience. And their refusal to see what is wrong with them as a people and their culture and traditions.
10/30 c2 N. A. Wennerholm
If I had my way every time the Dursleys refused to feed Harry then They wouldn't be allowed to eat. Every time they physically hurt him then what they did to Harry would happen to them.

As for the Residents of Surry they would be punished for their mistreatment of Harry and their refusal to punish Dudley and their willingness to believe the Lies of the Dursleys. Plus The Dursleys and Albus gave been breaking the law by denying Harry his mail which is breaking the law. And in most stories, they didn't point this out while a few others do. But sadly they don't give the consequence fit breaking the mail laws here in the US it is prison time and very expensive fines in the 1000s. And from my understanding, the penalties are just as bad in the United Kingdom.
10/29 c33 Lesskarr Wolf
decided to check out this fic few days ago and been devouring my way through it its been very interesting and well done so far and looking forward to seeing how the rest of it goes and seeing it hopefully be completed and finished :)
10/20 c33 JohnHawkins
Thank you!
10/18 c33 Katherine1313
I’ve only just discovered this story and I’m so happy to see you’ll be continuing it. I can’t wait to see where it goes next. I especially want to see Harry destroy Umbridge.
10/13 c25 rockingchampif
Harrys mindset is what is frustrating for the readers, voldemort is better fleur is better dumbeldore is better, he does not have an ounce of confidence and it simply boring to know he would win by sheer luck like in the actual book, his mindset is the problem learning occlumency did not help either.
10/9 c24 faz551
The end of this chapter just don't makes any sense, this is way too forced and the fanfic lost all credibility. The author just ignored is previous 23 chapters to make things happends exactly in the same way it did in the canon despite all the buildings done to the characters, relationships, plotand others in the previous chapters, there's no way that things happends in the exact same way after all the changes done to Harry, he is not clueless, untrained and rekkless as he was in canon. This forced plot killed and buried this fanfic, the author had just throw is fanfic in the trash.
10/3 c1 SiriuslyEvilWizardComingThru
Enjoyable story. I like it just the way it is and if people don't like it or the writing style, maybe they should go read something else. Nobody cares for their opinions. Just keep posting up, I'm looking forward to reading all 63 chapters. Is it perfect? Who cares, it's an enjoyable read and I'm really enjoying the effort you put into the story. Cheers.
9/22 c33 13old-crow

This has been a delightful tale to read. I hope that you find the time, effort and inclination to give it the proper ending that it deserves.


9/20 c30 Ol'Joe
There is no sin greater than claiming a cut and paste as your own. How do I know this is partially cut and paste? Kingsley references Harry flying in the first task, which didn't happen in this fic. Doh.
9/19 c33 AnteChao
I can't read this. He is just straight up a dumbass and wayyyy too fucking emotional and easy to rile up.
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