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9/16 c27 Guest1
This is definitely one of the best F.D/H.P fanfics I have read! I am hooked!
15h c27 gollum48
Love it
9/16 c27 So long ago
Can’t wait for next year. Hopefully you’ll be back to writing soon
9/16 c26 So long ago
I liked it, but I wish you had found a better way to solve the blood issue. I mean, he knew it was coming and he knew they weren’t going to ask nicely and yet, he had no plan, nothing in place to avoid getting blood taken if he was unconscious. Disappointing
9/15 c23 So long ago
Yay! We’re getting to the 3rd task!
Can’t wait for it.
9/15 c7 Robert Bratianu
9/15 c27 1thomassmith69
I really hope there will be some scene probably in the final battle. Where Harry goes all Thor/ Sith Lord and flinging lightening and thunder around like it’s going out of style.
9/14 c27 sid22
Another brilliant chaper, one thing in particular that is very good about your plot and writing is the balance you have maintained about everything, Harry's power, relationship etc .
9/14 c19 So long ago
Still loving the story. Here is hoping that you’ll go back to writing before I run out of chapters.

One question though, why have the students frolicking in the main room? It’s not like they don’t have private rooms. I get you want to bring contrast. It just sounds unbelievable.
9/13 c9 Raeger
A third of the story through - great story; not quite an absolute page-turner, but the material has been engaging and there were several moments where I found my interest being tangibly piqued.

Particularly for this chapter, really clever detail with Karkaroff's reaction to Harry's parseltongue being highlighted. As a death eater, hearing it might have been dredged up the fear associated with particularly unpleasant moments with Voldemort. It would also be quite characteristic for Snape to betray no visible reaction. The real teaser then comes with the mystery of why Fudge's reaction was on the same scale as Karkaroff's. Wonder if this will mean anything later haha.

Excited for the remaining chapters!
9/12 c7 So long ago
I’m quite enjoying the story. You really need to work in writing believable book excerpts. :)

And yes, I know I’ve reviewed recently, but I figure more reviews won’t hurt you.
9/11 c27 2shubhendu dutta
This is a very good story. i will be waiting for book 5.
9/11 c3 So long ago
You said your first chapters were bad, I’ll have to disagree. I like them a lot. I also like your writing style.
If you fix the book’s “cutouts”, which sound nothing like a book would, you’ll be great.
9/10 c27 1archangel7431
good story
9/9 c22 arata7kasuga
the cloak hides magical signatures. it would allow fleur past the wards without tripping them at all no? as far as the wards are concerned, no magical being entered or left if it's used.
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