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for DBH: Divided Connections

6/14 c64 Bethesda551
awwwe. adopted~
6/12 c63 Guest
Whoa, that was intense!
6/8 c62 Guest
That hacker better pay for what he did!
6/4 c61 Guest
Whoa, that debate took a turn I didn't see coming.
6/3 c60 Bethesda551
I love Alice. shes adorable.
6/2 c60 Guest
Alice is safe, good!
5/31 c59 Guest
Said what now? They're going to be parents?
5/28 c58 Bethesda551
uh oh. sht is about to go down. *squee*
5/27 c58 Guest
Kamski is back. Just great.
5/24 c57 Guest
Finally! They are family!
5/22 c56 Guest
I love dragonflies!
5/22 c55 Guest
Give poor Connor a break!
5/21 c54 Guest
Man, Connor is REALLY hurting right now. At least he's not alone.
5/21 c53 Guest
Oh, no... Poor Connor.
5/21 c52 Guest
Are Connor and Evelyn getting serious?
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