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8/1 c51 9523046dreams
please update again soon I really love this story and can't wait for more
7/30 c51 Turtletipper123
wow this story was a lot better than I thought it would be (also shorter) and I really liked it. hope to see more jn the future!
7/26 c15 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Hmm shos quirk is Bullshit, also don't yakuza have thir game sign on them, i.e dress, wallet, tattoo, ect. Also how in the world did crazy granny find stain?
7/12 c51 guestinator
Over 2.2 k reviews. More than 3k favs, yet a tiny percentage of that is bad and you leave? How the hell do you function in the real world?

Do you just want an echo chamber safe space? If so no where online that is out there for the public is for you. Worse you somehow think giving your Twitter handle our means no one here will take time out their day to make a fake one there.

This means you will have to moderate that. Wtf? This is like a billionaire crying over a handful of minimum wagers writing bad reviews to them.

Look I am trying to explain things so you can function in life, you need thicker skin. If this gets to you that much why do you think your art won't be criticized?

You legit need mental help if this is the case. More likely? You just don't feel like writing this anymore and are using that as a excuse while earning sympathy points.
6/11 c51 Kaiser Thanatos
What dude you can't quit this is an awesome story one of the best mha fanfics in mu humble opinion to hell with any haters that say otherwise I'm gonna follow this just in case hope you come back
6/7 c1 Guest
XXX Chaos Breaker XXX you must be stupid if you think anything you said is true.
6/4 c51 Kataude no Okami
So seeing the last Author note, I can assume you won't ever read this. However I want to type it out anyway. You are insanely good at spacing out and clearly leading up to both drama and action. I stay interested through all your stories I read. I hope you keep on writing and I can't wait to read your stories on Ao3. Keep up the great work! -Ookami
5/1 c51 1Cadmus8
Fucking cowards. Y'all don't even have the courage to write your hate under a name.
4/20 c51 SurplusHook
This is in my top 5 all time favourite FanFictions of all time love the crime aspect of it all hope to see more
4/18 c16 djlawer11
FINALLY! I FIGURED THE FAMILY TREE! TOOK ME MORE THAN 30 MINS TO THINK WHAT THE RELATION NAMES… LOL I wish I can upload the pic, that show the family tree, but don’t have way to upload the pic here.. so I’m trying be best as possible to example clear in words…

Hisashi (Izuku’s Dad) and Enji (Endeavor) is cousins! So… that’s mean IZUKU AND SHOTO IS SECOND COUSINS! IM FUCKING PROUD OF MYSELF FOR THIS
4/13 c51 vparadox12122000
Well dang, I was wondering why I didn't see any updates on FFN, I guess I'll have to go make an AO3 account...

All in all nice work on the stories dude.
3/26 c9 XXX Chaos Breaker XXX
This is such a weird story for me because I really like drama but this story mother-son drama feels unneeded for the most part.
The mother and son promise wasn’t given any set up or time frame, so the drama from that sorta makes Izuku feel more like a childish then the OG Izuku.
Chapter nine sorta made This problem worse when the mother was given a actually good plot reasons for not following through on the promise, so Izuku anger wasn’t fully justified and didn’t come of as righteous.
I wish I can explain more for anyone who might care but this is already too much writing for something minor. Anyway, this is still a overall good story.
3/26 c1 XXX Chaos Breaker XXX
Interesting first chapter but the parent and child character interactions are a bit weird.
The Main thing is that Izuku has no real proof that tattoos are stronger with real ink at this point in story, so it a bit of stretch for Izuku to come to that conclusion by himself but I do understand it was for other plot reasons to make some sense.. overall I like the chapter.
3/19 c1 1Everpeach
So are you still working on releasing 'Uchiha Heiress Remix but not crap?'
3/18 c51 Wickerstein
I can honestly agree why, I am moving to A03 despite my lack of talent.
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