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11h c22 3Ricee
I swear to God if there's some way izuku gets Involved during the sports festival, well it dosent matter anyway, it's already been written. I just have yet to read it
11h c33 Battlesny
I don't know why I am so surprised
11h c16 Ricee
reminds me of that meme where todoroki is being a conspirist and assuming their related just cause of fire... fire us one of the most common types of quirks
20h c33 Gguma030
Ohh boy
6/18 c12 2Loner512
Ori: You have a pretty high pain tolerance.

MeRemembers how Canon Izuku broke his arms like a Kit Kat Commercial) That's putting it mildly.
6/17 c33 Nechroz
Hitoshi you bitch
6/17 c33 LoamyCoffee
Shame. I was hoping Shinso would be friends, now he's firmly on my shit list, both Canon and Fanfic.
6/17 c33 Guest
This twist was so good it made my brain do a 360 and relocate to my arse. You're fics have a way of surprising me everytime haha. I love your writing style too. You're honestly one of the most unique authors I've ever come across.
6/17 c33 Guest
Brooo, that Hitoshi twist got me eagerly awaiting for next time
6/17 c33 Guest
Aaaaaand there's the "things going to hell" I was waiting for.

I'm both surprised and not surprised at what happened.

On the one hand, I picked up something was up when Shinso suddenly had to "go to America" with no warning. On the other hand, I never made the connection between his departure and what happened to the Tokyo Clan. All around a nice plot twist. With Izuku and Shinso's situations being so eerily similar, I wonder if you're setting them up to be rivals or nemeses.

This is just my personal prediction of how things will go in the next chapter: Izuku's tattoos are partially (maybe even fully?) sentient. Unless Shinso's quirk has a direct effect on them through his control of Izuku, there's going to be a furious thunder-ape throwing hands in the next 3 seconds.

P.S. You madlad, did you really spend a quarter of the chapter to tell the readers to stfu with the tattoo suggestions? I'm both sorry you had to do this and impressed by how seamless it felt.
6/17 c32 Guest
Yikes, it sounds like Inko hit rock bottom while Izuku wasn't looking and hit it hard. This was a nice interlude where the two touch base after a considerable amount of time. Inko seems to have done some healing and self-reflection while the two were apart and they now have a chance to rebuild their relationship without any lies between them.

Izuku, for his part, seems willing to move past but not forget the issues they had in the past. It looks like he's found the life he wants and his mother just gets to choose whether she's part of it.
6/15 c13 Guest
Will he ever stop being a pushover?
6/17 c33 fallendemon248
Welp shit I guess this means War right? I mean he just brainwashed them there’s no way even if they do get away that the Amagi will just let this go
6/17 c33 Mr. Thunder Chocolate
Honestly did not see that coming. Good work!
6/17 c33 KaratachiYagura
Shit, I was right, several chapters ago I said that maybe Hitoshi was from a yakuza group.
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