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9/2 c46 Guest
Super mierda ya llego baraquiel aunque akeno no deberia tener tantos problemas como en el canon
9/2 c40 Guest
Me alegro q evelyn use a diodora como juguete es mi segundo demonio mas odiado
El primero es rizebin
9/2 c39 Guest
Esta bn q no escribas las batallas con los campeones oscuros hubiera sido muy largo y aburrido
Y ya llego el futuro juguete de evelyn digo diodora astaroth
9/2 c28 Guest
Se activo el balance breaker del aniquilation maker esto se pondra feo y esta bn matar a esos idiotas
9/1 c15 Guest
Me gusta bastante el ritmo de la historia y sera q evelyn saldra a jugar contra kokabiel o valper galilei
9/1 c14 Guest
Si se da la nobleza de campeones
Evelyn podria ser el otro obispo y ya tengo a alguien para q evelyn use como juguete
Todos repitan conmigo
Diodora astaroth y si quieres joder un rato con xenovia no me enojo y rizebin tambien
9/1 c13 Guest
Y despues se preguntan xq xenovia me cae tan mal
Espero q naruto le meta el cuarto tiro x el culo
9/1 c12 Guest
Lastima q sona uso su torre para saji ahora no tiene pieza para garou
9/1 c10 Guest
Cada vez me parece mas probable q naruto tenga una nobleza hecha de campeones de lol
Pd sona para obispo
9/1 c9 Guest
Disfrute mucho la paliza q le dieron al yakitori eso fue genial
8/26 c54 WarzPark
yagami keep your promise update this story already instead of son of war or fairy tail watch pirate sentai or soundless knight
8/18 c54 Crimson Riot 01
Super cool, me encanta
8/15 c1 Jojo2424
More updates
8/12 c11 Guest
I can't comment on the actual fight since it doesn't exist anymore, but I have to question just how this OC of yours could even exist.

I thought Runeterra Arsenal was a unique Sacred Gear, and Yumi ststed that the champions only gained awareness once Naruto activated his gear. So how can it be possible for a gear to exist that mirrors that of Naruto?

And more Naruto gained his gear by being an avid League fanboy, so his his rival one as well? A League troll who got a sacred gear and simply decided "May Chaos take the World!"

She had to have been a human, and she had to have been a league player, so why the ever living fuck would this a villain?

Is she just going to be a toxic troll who lost one too many times? I do not have much faith in league players, but I'd asume that most of them would understand that the void is a bad thing, and letting the void consume all life in the universe is an pretty bleak goal.

Why would anyone ever want to do that. Thats Thanos level bullshit, no, not even Thanos wanted to destroy everything. The goal of destroying everything is just stupid. Not even comic book villains are that retarded and would actually attempt something like that.
8/9 c27 iloveM.A.D.B
your discord is expired
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