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for The League Summoner

11/13 c5 hqjkat
i loved how this chapter went and how happy asia was.
like in every other fanfic i read asia always had to suffer in start, it leaves a bad taste
10/21 c30 Ultrus Prime
i really love dis chapter
10/21 c29 Ultrus Prime
This chapter i my favourite so far. i love it
10/15 c26 Ultrus Prime
War is brewing.
10/14 c52 mgasmsms
hoping we get updates on this fic soon. It is THAT good.
10/11 c7 brandonmunoz499
God dammit u tellin me he wasnt even in control. Pussy
10/8 c23 Ultrus Prime
i wasn't expecting ophis intro. wow
10/6 c52 Giovanni Vadhir Rios
10/6 c48 Giovanni Vadhir Rios
Good Job
10/6 c47 Giovanni Vadhir Rios
Good work
10/6 c46 Giovanni Vadhir Rios
10/6 c1 thiagopds13
It was good until you started using break line for everything and skipping a bunch of things without reason it got boring this way...
10/5 c45 Giovanni Vadhir Rios
Good cap
10/5 c43 Giovanni Vadhir Rios
Uff hermano tremendo cap
10/5 c41 Giovanni Vadhir Rios
Nice Chapter
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