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for The League Summoner

9/6/2022 c48 Golden Wind God
5some ma boi got game
9/6/2022 c47 Golden Wind God
finally i was wondering when this was going to happen im glad it between kuroka and ahri
9/6/2022 c46 Golden Wind God
i like it
9/6/2022 c45 Golden Wind God
assholes are coming one after another. does my man naruto get a break.

anyway nice chapter and love that you have taken mcu thors appearance
9/6/2022 c44 Golden Wind God
thank you author for making diodora suffer at the hands of evelynn .
chapter good
9/6/2022 c43 Golden Wind God
love the twist but i kinda anticipated that but nonetheless nice
9/6/2022 c42 Golden Wind God
only rhasst

god cant wait to read whats gonna happen?
9/6/2022 c41 Golden Wind God
kill that motherfucker and rescue asia naruto
9/6/2022 c40 Golden Wind God
i love rossweise she is without a doubt one of favorites in dxd (in top 5) and top 10 waifus. cant wait to see her interraction between naruto
9/6/2022 c39 Golden Wind God
doidora that asshole is here. cant wait to see naruto tear him a new one
9/6/2022 c38 Golden Wind God
aatrox is here and galli
9/6/2022 c37 Golden Wind God
that was awesome the fight the way your mind works . to bring the idea of league of legens into a fanfiction and not only that adapting to suit your work , i dont think i can do that ,like in forever
keep it up bro
9/6/2022 c36 Golden Wind God
devil's rift
oh god this is gonna be awesome
9/6/2022 c35 Golden Wind God
i like your idea (diehauser and taking over the rift and fighting)
nice chapter
9/5/2022 c34 Golden Wind God
this is nice ,i was confused about narutos abilities
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