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7/18 c49 Destoryer42501
Well, it looks like Loki finally making his move and he will be trying to cause as much chaos as he can to get Ragnarok. The only question is will Vali bamboozle Loki by taking Fenrir and turning him into his pet. I can't wait to see the chaos get unleashed in the next few chapters.
7/16 c37 VicenteVanCoco04
Bueno, que buen capítulo, las peleas estubieron buenas y el modo de juego se ve bien, aunque era obvio el resultado debido a que Naruto supera en poder y números a la nobleza de Sona por si mismo. Definitivamente me gustó la determinación de Issei y Saji junto a su trabajo en equipo.
7/12 c17 Rayga
Great decision with removing void rival plot
To be honest the moment I read about it, Ive become immediately displeased and had weird "cringey" feelings like "the story is ruined, gg"
Its great thing in author to adapt and change things with being able to continue story without problems
Great job ;)
7/12 c16 Rayga
Absolutely great fic man
I like badass Naruto as MC
7/8 c50 Mugetsu700
Great chapter, thanks.
7/4 c48 Destoryer42501
Looks like the harem has officially started. Also, it is a good thing that Naruto is becoming a mid-class devil. I can't wait to see what happens next.
6/28 c50 Guest
6/29 c47 Destoryer42501
Wow, Naruto just got not gust Kuroka but Ahri as well. I am very happy that Kuroka is joining the harem as well. I can't wait to see Koneko's reaction to that. I can't wait to see what happens next.
6/29 c40 Destoryer42501
Another great chapter. I also agree that Diodora will be going through absolute hell when Evelynn gets her hands on his. If he's lucky maybe Shalba Beelzebub will accidentally mercy kill him before Diodora experiences why Evelynn is called agony's embrace.
6/28 c36 Destoryer42501
Looks like the action is about to start and it going to be interesting to see how this rating game goes. With Sona Sitri as their opponent, it is going to be very difficult to outsmart her.
6/28 c35 Destoryer42501
This story is only getting better and better. I can't wait to see what new abilities Naruto will get.
6/28 c33 Destoryer42501
Another great chapter. I can't wait to see the fight between Rias and Sona Sitri. The fight between them will be brutal to say the very least.
6/28 c32 Destoryer42501
This chapter was very interesting, to say the least. The fact that Naruto accidentally made another sacred gear is very cool.
6/28 c31 Destoryer42501
Another great chapter. I can't wait for the rating games to begin.
6/28 c30 Destoryer42501
This was another hell of a fight. I like that there are limits on Naruto's sacred gear and that Ophis figured out the truth now before someone else told her and possible turn her against Naruto.
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