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9/13/2022 c6 Ultrus Prime
this chapter was great. especially the scene of rias talking to sona. It felt more realistic.
9/12/2022 c4 Redripper666
other then him being a bit stronger then the normal mc nothings really changing same plot same fights same places
9/12/2022 c3 Redripper666
the idea isnt bad but so far this story hasnt really done anything new
9/6/2022 c52 Golden Wind God
the fights are epic, the fights thats gonna happen will be epic, the drama which will most assurdly ensue will be epic

in one word EPIC
9/6/2022 c51 Golden Wind God
with every chapter i read im falling in love with this. author please dont abandon this fic. this is a materpiece.
9/6/2022 c50 Golden Wind God
so the epic battle begins
9/6/2022 c49 Golden Wind God
ragnarok heh
but seriously mcu loki is way better
9/6/2022 c48 Golden Wind God
5some ma boi got game
9/6/2022 c47 Golden Wind God
finally i was wondering when this was going to happen im glad it between kuroka and ahri
9/6/2022 c46 Golden Wind God
i like it
9/6/2022 c45 Golden Wind God
assholes are coming one after another. does my man naruto get a break.

anyway nice chapter and love that you have taken mcu thors appearance
9/6/2022 c44 Golden Wind God
thank you author for making diodora suffer at the hands of evelynn .
chapter good
9/6/2022 c43 Golden Wind God
love the twist but i kinda anticipated that but nonetheless nice
9/6/2022 c42 Golden Wind God
only rhasst

god cant wait to read whats gonna happen?
9/6/2022 c41 Golden Wind God
kill that motherfucker and rescue asia naruto
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