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8/3/2022 c52 Guest
“THREE HEAVENLY DRAGONS”, I thought it was two?
8/3/2022 c52 sten227
another great chapt wonder if next chapt gonna if minato and kushina gonna reveal themselves
8/3/2022 c52 FrassYourTass
...Well shit. That's fucking awesome.
8/3/2022 c52 Ryu wolf
Let the titans fall
8/3/2022 c52 dfriel1996
Update Intertwined Fate
8/3/2022 c52 codywhite162
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the Ragnarok Arc!
8/3/2022 c52 Crimson Riot 01
Super cool con los trajes mecha
8/3/2022 c52 Robdor Peltan
This was great dude!
7/30/2022 c51 ghostFLIN
Excellent chapter bro, i love your story, continue soon. Is true, the event of star guardians is good
7/30/2022 c51 dfriel1996
Update Intertwined Fates
7/29/2022 c3 Oblivion
This is such a cool story and I a, so excited to read it all!
7/29/2022 c51 Mugetsu700
Great chapter, thanks
7/29/2022 c51 KHARAKI TAKAN
Neat chapter.
7/28/2022 c51 Crimson Riot 01
Cool, esto es emocionante pero lo senti un poco corto, en fin, sigue publicando mas capitulo de este fantastico fic
7/28/2022 c51 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
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