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for The League Summoner

9/6/2022 c39 Golden Wind God
doidora that asshole is here. cant wait to see naruto tear him a new one
9/6/2022 c38 Golden Wind God
aatrox is here and galli
9/6/2022 c37 Golden Wind God
that was awesome the fight the way your mind works . to bring the idea of league of legens into a fanfiction and not only that adapting to suit your work , i dont think i can do that ,like in forever
keep it up bro
9/6/2022 c36 Golden Wind God
devil's rift
oh god this is gonna be awesome
9/6/2022 c35 Golden Wind God
i like your idea (diehauser and taking over the rift and fighting)
nice chapter
9/5/2022 c34 Golden Wind God
this is nice ,i was confused about narutos abilities
9/5/2022 c33 Golden Wind God
chapter is good
9/5/2022 c32 Golden Wind God
i love venelana ,she is great ,just like this story.
9/5/2022 c31 Golden Wind God
giving true longinus to naruto would make him too much OP and as of right now i dont think there is reason for naruto to have a weapon like true longinus

nice chapter
9/5/2022 c30 Golden Wind God
author ,no Yagami this is by far one of the best chapters you have written .
i have nothing else to say
great work and keep it up
congrats on 3500 review
9/5/2022 c29 Golden Wind God
oh man
pacific rim is next , oh dear lord im soo pumped right now
9/5/2022 c28 Golden Wind God
damn that. was. awesome
great fight and good job killing that hero faction guys, i hate them.
my rating 9.7
9/5/2022 c27 Golden Wind God
awesome chapter
9/4/2022 c26 Golden Wind God
man this is getting more and more interesting as the story progresses
9/4/2022 c25 Golden Wind God
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