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9/4/2022 c24 Golden Wind God
hahahahaha oh ophis you are sad
9/4/2022 c23 Golden Wind God
9/4/2022 c22 Golden Wind God
league in real life rating game . damn ,its noice
9/3/2022 c21 Golden Wind God
god that was awesome . the fight ,the skins everything was great
especially the cliffhanger
9/3/2022 c20 Golden Wind God
loved narutos jacket
9/3/2022 c19 Golden Wind God
loved the lotion applying scene bro same as the canon but at the same time different
9/3/2022 c18 Golden Wind God
i think there is a very large amount of women who are in love or is going to fall in love with naruto . granted like its a highlight of dxd for women to fall in love with ISSEI of all people , dont you think to many in harem is ,you know. im not criticizing your work, its just my opinion
9/2/2022 c17 Golden Wind God
W chapter
9/2/2022 c16 Golden Wind God
great fight
love narutos look when he merged with kayle and ensued fight
9/2/2022 c15 Golden Wind God
naruto is gonna go booom .yayyy give your best naruto against the kokabiel
9/2/2022 c14 Golden Wind God
oh great evelyn is here and its... is it hot in there?
9/2/2022 c13 Golden Wind God
9/2/2022 c11 Golden Wind God
so yuumi is the familiar. i knda liked the other idea of yours but this is fine too
9/2/2022 c10 Golden Wind God
asia vs rias
and its better than that it was in canon dxd
9/2/2022 c9 Golden Wind God
dammn what a greta chapter. awesome fight
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