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9/2/2022 c11 Golden Wind God
so yuumi is the familiar. i knda liked the other idea of yours but this is fine too
9/2/2022 c10 Golden Wind God
asia vs rias
and its better than that it was in canon dxd
9/2/2022 c9 Golden Wind God
dammn what a greta chapter. awesome fight
9/2/2022 c8 Golden Wind God
9/2/2022 c7 Golden Wind God
8/31/2022 c17 Guest
Well for one I think it's better without the rival plot, I hope you continue with this amazingly written story and that you can see it be finished.I know this might be late but still I wish to express my thanks for writing an interesting story
9/1/2022 c5 Golden Wind God
nice fight
9/1/2022 c1 Golden Wind God
great chapter
8/26/2022 c52 Teemo
Man this is awesome
8/18/2022 c28 4Ninja65
Is it bad I hope Jeanne is alive , she's a interesting charecter also I'm very partial to The Maiden of Orleans in all versions
8/17/2022 c52 jjllii.ga2o00e4
PLese continue this history
8/15/2022 c3 Ultrus Prime
amazing chapter
8/15/2022 c1 Ultrus Prime
The last time i read your story was when u started writing on fanfiction. This story is really amazing! can't wait to read more chapters
8/14/2022 c1 notRicoo
NGL lol your story is the reason i started to play league for real good shi bro.
8/11/2022 c1 MiyuNeeru
Just let me get out of bronze

But for me! LET ME GET OUT OF MASTER this place is hell
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