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for The League Summoner

9/23 c48 reptoholic
Idiots. He is easy ultimate class!
9/23 c49 reptoholic
Familiar Ferris
9/23 c50 reptoholic
Familiar fenrir
9/23 c51 reptoholic
Keep it up
9/23 c52 reptoholic
So much potential. Absolutely love this story.
9/23 c9 DevilishPotato
I have been meaning to ask, do these weapons get taken from the characters? what if theybare battleling and their weapons disappeared because their summoner called for them?
9/23 c7 DevilishPotato
Tsk... what a disappointment, this chapter is
9/22 c35 reptoholic
Hope they both becomes hisss
9/22 c34 reptoholic
9/22 c33 reptoholic
Awesome…. Mate with some champions. Also hope he becomes a king soon
9/22 c3 DevilishPotato
Please tell me this whole book isn't about hin learning how to play and get stronger because so far all I can see in the three chapster so far is LoL stuff and I am honestly bored of readinf it ovr and over, that is one weird as* sacred gear lol
9/22 c31 reptoholic
Absolutely loved this arc! shouldn't the longinus just go to the next person born withit?
9/22 c30 reptoholic
9/22 c29 reptoholic
I wonder whooo
9/22 c28 reptoholic
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