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for The League Summoner

6/20/2022 c11 9Nathair1
who the hell is the cloaked figure watching him?!
6/20/2022 c6 Nathair1
I'm guessing that a succubus affected Naruto and Rias at the end of the chapter
6/16/2022 c48 haziqsaffari2
Great story, overall its entertaining. Hope for more, and to your good health.

I already asked this in Uzumagi, but any chance will you repost the old Natsu's Adventure at St. Fairy? No need to continue it, just really want to see all the chapters past the 3rd chapter.
6/14/2022 c50 Darkanaklusmos70
The mystery of minato and kushina continues
6/12/2022 c49 Guest
I second what flying racoon said, but still this chap is awesome
6/6/2022 c35 Guest
Wonder if naruto could do a gate of Babylon and shoot out the melee weapons of champions out of portals?

If he could master some spacial magic and teleport people around his range he could control the whole battle field

I’m imagining Sairaorg attacking Kiba and then Kiba switching places with the big mountain golem dude malachite or something

Maybe switch Kiba with toxic mushroom ult teemo has

I ain’t good with names of game characters that I haven’t played

I’m a dota guy

And I play rikimaru and only Rikimaru

And sometimes the burning skeleton archer I forgot the name of

6/8/2022 c16 Rishi873
Woah I've been away for quite a while from fanfics but man have i missed out guess i need to start from chap 1 again
6/8/2022 c50 Cuk Bekmen
when will you make lemon naruto x akeno
6/7/2022 c21 LincolnRonnie94
Minato and kushina are ninjas
6/5/2022 c18 Guest
I wanna see gamer Sona skin!

Maybe the space age jinx that kinda looks like guardians of the galaxy!

OMG can he summon her crews ship?!
6/4/2022 c13 Guest
I reaaally hope you don’t make a OC antagonist with the “evil” part of his power

It’s just super corny

Just have the league villains from his world be the main antagonist bro

Like them wanting to go to narutos world to get more rare resources

like getting more members to their cause in the cocytus prison where all the mythical bad guys are to help them in their wars and shit
6/4/2022 c4 Guest
For a guy that was having a very normal life

He was reaaaally fast to go for the kill

I like it

Still kinda weird tho

Kinda wish he played some DOTA 2 tho

I wanna see him use rikimarus smoke bombs

I wanna see if riser can use any of his skills like healing inside

Would naruto win by default by stabbing him while his regeneration it nullified by the smoke?

Also can naruto use the item shops items for buffing up the champions?

Cuz it would be awesome if he stacked the items since he’s a devil and devils cheat

He would be a beast with all the items he has
6/6/2022 c5 LincolnRonnie94
The boss is a Momma Boy
6/4/2022 c2 Guest
Oooh thank god I read the comments

This is a real ass crossover and not a in name only

Whooo false alarm

Ya got me for a second there
6/5/2022 c6 13Funkyshnelpu jr
Started playing league last month. My friend has told me that you have to actually try to get stuck in bronze. So either Naruto is the world's biggest troll or he is extremely incompetent.
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