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5/18/2022 c29 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es muy emocionante, me encanta
5/18/2022 c49 Spellbat
I am loving the story and the pace, but when will Naruto start learning about himself from his parents and others who came with him (I am pretty sure I remember some of them being in this world as well). I just want Naruto to be trained by his parents...
5/18/2022 c38 Gilgamesh50
Sooo devils don’t speak japanese
Or maybe naruto hears them in japanese bcz he is japanese?
5/18/2022 c28 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es super genial, me encanta que hayas creado un arco propio a partir de lo que pasaría en cannon si tal situación pasara
Psdt. Quiero a Hanakai en 4
5/18/2022 c27 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es super genial
5/18/2022 c26 Crimson Riot 01
5/18/2022 c25 Crimson Riot 01
Quiero mas del profesor heimerdinger, es muy divertido
5/18/2022 c24 Crimson Riot 01
Ja, me encanta
5/18/2022 c23 Crimson Riot 01
Yo los sabia desde el momento en que lo lei, pero me emiciona tanto que por fin aparezcan
5/18/2022 c22 Crimson Riot 01
Me encanto este capitulo apesar de lo corto que es, siempre dejando una revista para que este fic pueda seguir respirando
5/18/2022 c21 Crimson Riot 01
Me encanta este fic
5/18/2022 c21 Gilgamesh50
“Am i Katerea”
Should be “i am”
5/18/2022 c49 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
5/18/2022 c49 1Rusetheimmortal
I read this entire fanfic within a day. This has joined a list that’s very few where it has caught and kept my attention, most of that list being Gamer system fanfics. But reading this has also expanded my admittedly minuscule knowledge of LoL since I never was interested in picking up the game. I also haven’t seen Arcane yet since I’ve been pretty busy where my only source of entertainment is gaming and reading fanfics. So this has been helpful. I can’t wait for the next chapter! Might reread this over and over due to how good this is!
5/17/2022 c49 Ryu wolf
Great job with this chapter
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