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5/4/2022 c48 codywhite162
Loved the update to this story the smut was great! Looking forward to the next chapter! As well as updates to Son of War
5/4/2022 c48 FrassYourTass
Glad we got to see Naruto with Ahri and kuroka!
5/4/2022 c48 dfriel1996
Update Intertwined Fates please!
5/4/2022 c48 25redlox2
Naruto officially has a harem!’ Now soon I think Momo will join (she besides Rias o hunk was unofficially one of the first girls)

Hot lemon in the beginning

And I like the building with naruto and KIBA as essentially brothers plus the announcement of the middle class promotion being in the talks
5/4/2022 c48 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
5/1/2022 c47 2Shirou Emiya1
Quick question, is kurama going to be female in this? Cause i would like it if kurama is female making it where naruto has two kitsunes in his harem or even three if kurama is split into two which would be even more great to see like seeing a female kurama acting more calm and collected but is also protective of those close to her while the other one is a hothead and a bit more wild and is even more prone to act on her emotions along with being more intense on being protective to those close to her compared to her twin/other half/counterpart
4/21/2022 c32 14the metaphysical god of heroes
I really like how Naruto is so inspired by LOL heroes that he would rather focus on them rather then trying to collect other objects and he is kinda right with arelion Sol on his side... -ish not much can stop him and lord if something happens to rias or his family giving him reason to unleash the monsters and serial killers in his arsenal... *Wet dreams in sadistic murder*
4/17/2022 c3 brandonmunoz499
Rias was a gamer and anime fan
4/16/2022 c47 Guest
Good chapter!
4/13/2022 c11 1LordZarcon
Dunno if i like the idea of another OC with coid powers.
4/12/2022 c47 Shirou Uzumaki
Please add Rossweisse to Naruto harem
4/6/2022 c26 Guest
So... wouldn't Ophis just like, kill them instantly for doing this in front of her?

"Yes, Naruto's my best chance and I like it here"
"Okay, we'll just kill him then"
"Sure, go for it" ?

Shouldn't it just be she splatters them at that point?
4/4/2022 c47 Guest
Great work! Would you let someone do a reaction fic for this? Aizen the goat server loves doing them if your interested. Also can you please add arcane digital particulate vi, cait and jinx
3/23/2022 c47 Shadow
Loved it!
3/23/2022 c47 WindyCitySlayer1
Hopefully next chapter we get to see that ahri naruto lemon
The Kuroka and naruto lemon was awesome
Can’t wait for more
Please continue
Awesome chapter
Aldon can’t wait for that naruto akeno lemon to happen
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