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2/27/2022 c46 Saif Omar
Man it's been so long since the last update. I am really looking forward to the reveal though. Could you please say how many chapters until that happens?
2/27/2022 c46 Tera12
Great chapter xD Cant wait for more
2/27/2022 c46 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
2/27/2022 c46 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
2/27/2022 c46 8Lucius Walker
I do wonder how Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn would feel about them watching their backstories like it was just a show when for them it really happened.
2/27/2022 c46 1NaruLemon Stories
Oh now that's just bomb waiting to explode
Great chapter
Keep writing and stay safe
2/27/2022 c46 YuukiAsuna-Chan
So Naruto has been hard carried to his master promo's huh? It is really the only reason he would be there as it is clear he couldn't do it himself as 11 seasons in bronze has proven.
2/27/2022 c46 11FilthyCasual543
Glad to finally see an update for this fic and I’m even more glad that Akeno will get some attention in the next few chapters. She’s one of my favorite characters in DXD
2/27/2022 c46 Darkmaster10000000
Hey have you seen the League of Legends anime "Arcane" yet? If not I highly suggest that you watch it.
2/27/2022 c46 ghostFLIN
Excellent chapter bro, i love your story, continue soon with the next chapter
2/27/2022 c46 Spacecore94
YAY! Awesome update!
... the House is gonna be a battleground
2/27/2022 c46 25redlox2
Welcome back to this story!

I like the naruto and Rias moments which are super wholesome.

I know for naruto and Irina it’s going to be super slow burn (esepicly as an Angel Irina doesn’t have an interest in anyone)

But I still found it cute that she participated;$

I am guessing if she actually won she would have just either given the tickets to another file or just took the date to somewhere like a park or or amusement park or something fun?

Ooh Akeno wins her date but her father might C-block her! I mean overprotective father and everything!
2/27/2022 c46 Habu2010
Nice please continue
2/27/2022 c46 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
2/27/2022 c46 Mrmarcusj95
love the story, is The Servant coming back
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