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11/28/2021 c14 Sizzin
Let's see how Naruto tames Evelyn.
11/28/2021 c11 Sizzin
I like the idea of the baby Anivia. Not sure about his nemesis though.
11/28/2021 c10 Sizzin
Ahri, Sona, Grayfia for the harem. Yay!
11/28/2021 c9 Sizzin
Amazing chapter.

I'm not even that fan of LoL and reading this fanfic is making me want to play some matches with my friends.
11/24/2021 c45 Shadow
Great chapter!
11/25/2021 c6 ALLHEAVEN2
I really don't like this possession stuff. I don't see how getting your mind twisted in any way would be an acceptable developement. And as always with dxd stories there must a bloody sentient being in his mind capable of seeing everything he does, I don't get you people's obsession with having no privacy whatsoever, you must also enjoy being looked at while you have sex, it's fine as long as it's a girl but what about the others? Must be into some weird stuff to be fine being watched while banging your girls by other males. What's next? Is he going to summon the boss and pay him to fuck Rias in his stead?
11/24/2021 c44 Dat-boi-waddup
Welp he has a normal lifespan now which sucks cuz his harem are long lived... Oh wait that happened to Issei to and then he got a new body made of dragon god flesh and power soooo maybe something like that will happen to Naruto(not dragon flesh obviously)
11/23/2021 c45 leonsacacajose
Me encanta espero otro capĂ­tulo
11/22/2021 c45 ShirouEmiya1
Considering that thor looks like the one in MCU, is there any hints that the avengers are also real? Like the Captain, Black Widow, Falcon and Iron man? Hell could it be that the event that happened in the avenger movie be actually real? Well not the endgame avengers but the age of ultron avengers, it would really be cool to read about them being real with thor just sticking around the avengers for some downtime from his duties, it would really be a great cameo to see in this story along with everyones reactions to them
11/21/2021 c45 Shin
This is kinda ironic for me. I'm not into LOL, I've never played it but this is a good fic and on top of that more info on the Project L fighting game for LOL just recently dropped on how the netcode and artstyle is gonna be plus some gameplay, so lots of LOL in my sphere of reading and gaming despite never playing the original game. Honestly the most I know about LOL is 1) It's a hugely popular MOBA game and 2) I like the Bandle Gunner's marching song since I heard it once on Youtube.
11/22/2021 c45 KHARAKI TAKAN
Great chapter.

Woo Thor.

I guess you have been watching Arcane as well. Almost actually missed the PS at the end haha. Hope to get around to watching it actually.
11/21/2021 c45 4FanFictionHunter
Ragnarok?! We're about to get a secret sibling out for death, losing a weapon before finding that power within, and fighting it out in a place straight from the mind of Jack Kirby!
11/21/2021 c45 ghostFLIN
Excellent chapter bro continue soon
11/21/2021 c45 Spacecore94
nice update
I look forward to inevitable introduction to Jinx in this fic... I hope
11/21/2021 c45 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
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