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2/27/2022 c46 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
2/27/2022 c46 Mrmarcusj95
love the story, is The Servant coming back
2/6/2022 c1 forgottenevil23
i like the story. but not a fan of LoL, iam a WoW fan. if you could make a story like this but with WoW characters?
1/27/2022 c45 codywhite162
Love this story so much! Hope it gets an update soon and that you are staying safe!
1/23/2022 c31 1imjusttryingthings
I love the fact that you don't drag conflict with antagonists for dozens of chapters. There's no such thing as, oh, I escaped and we will fight another day! and then repeat over and over and over again. Not to mention how you've changed the plot at this point and added your own flare to the story. Amazing work!
1/23/2022 c5 imjusttryingthings
Nice! Was a bit worried this will follow canon, but you proved me wrong, and it was satisfying!
1/23/2022 c1 imjusttryingthings
I have to admit, summoning the weapons of LoL champions and gaining their abilities is a very intriguing and unique idea, but why is this a Naturo crossover? Like, the mc is not a reincarnation of Naruto, he doesn't have his memories, nor has he transmigrated to the DxD universe. He has nothing in common with Naruto, other than his name, and apparently, the name of his parents. You could literally call him Bob and it would make no change to the story.

I'm sorry for ranting, don't mean to offend you, but this really irks me for some reason. Your story is great with an awesome premise, so I just don't think you need to slap a Naruto crossover to get more followers. Not that you don't deserve your thousands of readers, with such a great idea, you most certainly do. Just, I don't know, it irks me a lot when the mc of a story is named after some popular other mc when they have nothing in common. Again, sorry for ranting.
1/19/2022 c16 AR 1993
hah sweet kayle is easily one of my top 3 league champs, hope to see more of her
1/17/2022 c43 darkdraco0021
So since his parents are still ninja and possibly came from narutoverse...does naruto have kurama sealed inside him ?
1/17/2022 c37 darkdraco0021 didnt do the void rival part because you wanted naruto's sacred gear to be special to him...then in this chapter you make ot so his sacred gear is no longer special and that literally anyone has yhe ability to be merged with a champion...the only thing special about his sacred gear now is that he is the only one to summon them. It just make it feel chep. You know ? Oh well. Its already done. Will keep reading for two reasons. 1 the plot is good. 2 the harem seems to be a real harem ( guyxgirls ) where as most "harem"s on this site are just orgy pairings (guy x girls x girls ). Of this is the latter pairing then please pm me so i know to skip the 'steamy' scenes.
1/15/2022 c7 Projekt Darkside
I recognize that I'm way behind the curve here with much more reading to catch up on, but I genuinely feel like I should voice my thoughts at the moment.

Personally, I feel a sort of kinship with our protagonist. More so than usual if I'm being honest. I was that person to play league for eight plus hours from the very beginning every single day. I lived that life until recently when certain life events shifted my priorities. Reading people forge bonds over something that was a massive part of my life just...hits right in the feels. Makes me love this more than I expected to. My plan was to read this as a time sink, but your story quickly became a fixture in my mind that keeps my focus away from my daily ins and outs. It has been so easy to immerse myself in your story.

My feels aside, within the first few chapters I've read so far I can already see such a vast improvement in your writing quality as well. You seem to be getting better and better as I go on. Pacing, back and forth dialogue, what detail is important, making characters feel important and not just afterthoughts. You're fantastic and your work is appreciated.

That said, the thing that made me feel compelled to review wasn't exactly positive. It was something that didn't sit well with me and gave my reading pause. My mind kept trying to ignore it and move on, but I realized I couldn't properly digest what I was trying to read since my mind was still reeling. The thing that rubbed me the wrong way was seeing the big about training so extensively through rigorous trials with the motivation to protect so strongly featured, then we get a lengthy time skip that shows clear evidence of our protagonist's growth...only for him to immediately get bodied like a limp noodle at the very next confrontation. I get why you made the decision, but I felt it completely undermined what just happened and took away from whatever progress he might have made.

The bait didn't bother me.

Being jobbed out didn't bother me in itself.

It was the lack of any form of visible growth after establishing there allegedly was some that did. It really just...took me out of the moment and made it hard to focus.

Again, I get why you did it, I just really wish there was another way that could have gone without the protagonist coming off as a stagnating whelp that couldn't improve after a training time skip.

Other than that one moment, I'm absolutely smitten by what you've made and look forward to catching up.

Side note: I got thrown by "GamerNaruto" and thought you meant the manwha Gamer.
1/11/2022 c45 MonkeyDGabry
Yo i started reading fanfiction again, you're the first i remembered to catch up to, i binge read like 20 chapters of this though now im sad that i finished them all ahah. Can't wait for more, you're one of my fav authors on this site. I also watched arcane, can't wait till Naruto summons jinx hehe. Also do you know about overlord? Cause i just had the idea of Naruto going with Momonga but instead of them being together, Naruto is the leader of his own guild with npcs being from LoL. Maybe you can do something with this idea if you're interested, anyways happy new year and looking forward for more chapters and stories from you.
12/30/2021 c45 Sherlock2001
great chapter ,hope you can update soon
12/28/2021 c22 DPinus
honestly, the last chapter (chapter 21) was one of the best chapters I've read in terms of fighting wise and also the reveal of the balance breaker naruto has, like heck, I don't play league but this is really entertaining to read.
12/27/2021 c28 Spader37
Welp,my bad if my other review sounded like a request btw,my mistake and sorry about that was epic af,you sure do know how to versatile your fic when it comes to the fights.
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