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9/21/2022 c14 reptoholic
9/21/2022 c13 reptoholic
Going ti say again. Singular sacred gear. You said this was all HIS. Soul. How could there be another summoner
9/21/2022 c12 reptoholic
Enjoyed it. Dreading a rival coming though
9/21/2022 c11 reptoholic
Fuck noooo. No opposite nemesis. He is unique
9/21/2022 c10 reptoholic
All the women in the haremmmmm. Hope he accepts it and it’s nit like the anime where nothing Happens
9/21/2022 c9 reptoholic
Hollllyyyyyyyyyy Chaos
9/21/2022 c8 reptoholic
Winnn no forfeit
9/21/2022 c7 reptoholic
Awesome really hope he gets some soon
9/21/2022 c6 reptoholic
Yes she’s uesssss
9/21/2022 c5 reptoholic
YES FEMALE VALI. Kalawarner is better!
9/21/2022 c4 reptoholic
9/21/2022 c3 reptoholic
What about issei I wonder, Hope he Joins Sona and she has the head ache.
9/21/2022 c2 reptoholic
Thanks for extra descritions, never played it.
9/21/2022 c1 reptoholic
Please for all that is HOLY do not have him suck so much and act like his cannon self... REALLY hope he becomes STRONG and is not a anime luck type hero
9/20/2022 c11 Ultrus Prime
Why do you give so much spoilers in your author's note. crying emoji
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