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for To Begin Again: Aincrad's Underworld

11/11/2023 c11 Lonty Arbalest
Update Please
5/18/2023 c11 7Wally991
I really wish there was more about Kirito and Asuna's parents reactions
8/28/2022 c1 Guest
The 'Aincrad style' swords attack... XD

It's a terrible naming choice, Kirito. :( XD It's like honoring the Narcissistic favor of that death game masteemind Murderer's. Should have called it the 'Destiny style' or something or 'Eclipse style'.
8/8/2022 c6 1Jpx0999
reference to a certain author at the end who loves to add [FATE] to his historys
7/22/2022 c11 M1stymix
I hope this will update soon and not be abandoned. It's a really nice combination of two worlds and added streaming which really is a missing part in cannon given how big part it is in the gaming industry
6/30/2022 c11 Guest
Update please
11/6/2021 c11 8DaManWOFear
Finished reading this chapter. And there are some good interactions that I saw here.

However, Ronye and Tiese's conversation really sold me in this whole chapter. And that somewhat made Kirito worried.

And a replica of Dicey's Cafe? Interesting.

Can't wait what happens next. I wonder who's going to be the next Integrity Knight to join the party...
9/21/2021 c11 3JemeryT
only 100x more to go
9/21/2021 c10 JemeryT
This is one of the best fanfics I've read. top 5 for Sao. fuck Kibao and God damn that's going to make it harder to clear. rest of the SAO PABs better learn to suck it up quit and work with the timeless knights unless they want to die.
9/21/2021 c6 JemeryT
Best sugou fic
9/21/2021 c2 JemeryT
I’m a basic bitch and think Sugha/Eugeo and Alice/Klein would be good pairings
9/21/2021 c1 JemeryT
I thank you for an unending gift. Hope you can post as many chapters as possible before abandoning the project. SAO couldn’t make it to 100 floors. Progressive never will. You seem to be writing the progressive style so Im curious how far you will get. On the off chance you write 1000 chapters I’ll be a devoted worshipper for life.
9/20/2021 c11 legior
some entertaining omake’s would be of the cast reacting to the live stream that they’ve unknowingly had following them around
9/20/2021 c11 legior
Are the kizmel and the elves going to make an appearance and be involved in the story line beyond the progressive’s approach of 10 floors and they’re never seen again? Because i really hope so
9/19/2021 c11 1SentinalSlice
Interesting chapter. I really want to see Kirito experiment with sacred arts.
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