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10/12 c1 Guest
I read lots of SI stories and it also really annoys me when the Si tells others about their otherworldly origins.
9/17 c1 17Just an IsekaI writer
I see, I see... I'll write these down for future references.
8/14 c1 MadManWithAHat
6/28 c2 Kylo Ren
Vivement la mise à jour de Friends
6/19 c2 UnknownGIND
6/19 c1 UnknownGIND
Die Motherfucker!
5/22 c2 Kylo Ren
Vivement la mise à jour de Friends
3/16 c1 Moi
Good point about people using well known names such as Naruto for OC's. I just thought they were being degenerates.
3/15 c1 137WargishBoromirFan
You know what I really hate digging through in the story section? Stuff that isn't even a story. Not only is it spam in my way of finding fics that may already fulfill your challenge ideas, but it means the writer lied when you agreed to follow site rules before publishing here. It means the poster was not willing to either read the rules and figure out how to use a forum that is meant for interactivity like challenges, or was too self-absorbed to care, which makes me less than empathetic about pet peeves. Take this to the Writers Anonymous forum and you might get some nibbles on your challenges, but here, you're just wasting space with things pushing down better stories while complaining about things pushing down better stories, which should be slapping you in the face with the irony. Good luck.
3/7 c1 catspats31
Just a heads up that the following part of the Content Guidelines is broken:

Entries not allowed:
1. Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc.

Put the announcement at your profile or in your most recently uploaded chapter in any of your stories as an author's note. Don't disturb the story section with a story that has nothing but non-story related material. Feel free to check out the "Game: Did someone say challenge?: The Challenge Thread" thread at the "Writers Anonymous" forum.
3/7 c1 1Pimp Chronicler
I also read quite a few naruto crossover fics, and while in some cases I can see naming the protagonist Naruto isn't necessary. However, I consider many of these "alternate Naruto's" to be AU products and still consider them to be Naruto. A child born from Kushina and Minato is a Naruto to me and however their life unfolds from there is AU to me.

Now as to the Gamer point you make, I agree with you that anyone who want's to make a decent fanfiction should do some stat calculation beforehand. And most definitely research some RPGs to better understand how much of a thing you're trying to do, whether it's health/mana/stamina regen, stat allocation, skill construction and so on.

The only place we slightly differ here is starting stats. Unless the author allows the OC to port their life experiences to the game, low starting stats like Int or Wis are perfectly acceptable. Most of the RPGs I play have older MC but their stats start low. In many cases these gamer fics start the game after the MC has died, so by video game logic stats start to be accumulated after "Character Creation". That being said, I do agree that starting numbers like 1 or 2 on certain stats are a little low.

I haven't written anything in years, but with the current state of the world, i think that i may take up a gamer fic. God knows I play plenty of them.
3/3 c1 Guest
Totally agree with your opinion on SIs.
Actually I agree with al your opinions.
Your stories are great.
3/3 c1 Guest
Hot take: Slash stories with canonically straight characters suddenly being gay etc. are trash.
3/4 c1 thatfanboi
These are very valid complaints.
3/2 c1 Arclight001
My favorite naruto crossovers are usually the ones with itachi in them. He is such a deep character that let you exploit his traumas and philosophy like a plot gold mine. Naruto itself tends to be rather...lacking when he gets isekaied. Usually the main point of those stories is reading about the reactions of said characters to their new enviroment. The thing is that Naruto is 'go with flow' optimistic kind of guy. He will just shrig his shoulder and move with a grin.
There is simply not enough time or room for character development before he fits right in.

I actually hate most harry fanon pairings, even some canon ones like hermione and ron (i detest that guy). Sadly harry potter fandom is plagued with cringey ships and extremelly ooc characters, thar act nithung like the original.

I limit myself to read oc characters, preferably in another house and doing their own thing, having their own goals and aspirations. Rather than becoming another lackey of harry and playing fix it with everything remotely sad in the books.
Seriously, most of those story copy the dialogues word for word and add 1 or 2 lines from oc leaving clues on how to fix the situation , or have a rambo fight with villain that ends up being fundamentally meaningless because everything exactly like in the main story (except bad things ofc). No deviation, no character development, no reaction to our mc oc. He mught as well be a wall painting.

About the revealing about their origin, i say that it depends of the world and reason of him revealing it. If i dont like it its inta-drop for me.
If he were to reveal it to say makarov (from fairy tail) or hestia (danmachi) or maybe even luffy and gives me a reason like "i wanna go home" then i might buy it, after all revealing it to them is way more beneficial than hold that information, because they are more than likely willing to help, in danmachi case you cant even lie to gods so trying to hide would be morework than what is worth. Luffy would just have shiny eyes, say its cool and then invite you to the crew for being a weirdo.
Now, revealing it to say hiruzen or ozpin is idiotic and inta drop, one is a veteran murder ninja, the other is more likely to use what you know as weapon to kill his exwife than help you.
So yeah, depends on the setting and circunstances.
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