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6/30 c43 RuneFather
6/30 c43 1Joe Lawyer
That was a mighty hard choice and frankly either choice was correct and moral and right. It's unfortunate it turned out like this.

If I was Ren, though, earn as much credit as possible so that he can do what Fate might have done. He's been slacking in that regard lately. That needs to be a top priority for him.
6/29 c43 thechickenking69
I hate him so much. I understand his ideals are really impotent to him but at this point it’s not a fight of good or evil this is a choice between 4 billion people and one kid. and he chose they chose the fucking kid imagine if you were a random fucking person and your entire family died because the main characters family is fucking crazy and killed 4 billion people and the main character feels no fucking shame for letting that shit happen and when they see a way to fix all of that he just has no fuck all of you my entire family lived but I’m not willing to sacrifice one kid fuck the MC.
6/29 c43 1Kulha
Fucking hell, not only does he go through with the idiotic decision of not giving up the kid, but then he just waves it away when the league decides to sacrifice someone else to the helmet! What is this? Some out of sight out of mind shit? God damn, but I didn't think the story would turn so retarded.

And then, he decides to go poke at hell while the world burns around him. A real example of heroism, truly.
6/29 c34 Ace
Never in my wildest dream would even think of this, but good job.
6/28 c43 Guest
Breaking into hell with the help with the biggest bastard in dc comics. Yeah that’s going to end well NOT
6/28 c43 Guest
love it
6/29 c43 Epex8201
I really hope this backfires terribly on ren
6/29 c43 vilgax
Nice chapter
6/28 c43 Diabolos Aides
Great chapter
6/28 c42 Dragon0102
Why hasn’t superman or the flash timetravelled back to undo the disaster. Even ten could save up points for a timetravel power, the justice league could put him on the news heaps and stuff like that to power him up, even tell people how he gets more powerful.
6/28 c43 BlindAsABat95
Fuck Nabu, canon or otherwise. Seriously, he won't be missed.
6/28 c43 comprehensive generalization
Good idea Z, let's involve the only person who could make things worse. It'll be fun to see how this blows up
6/28 c43 Skankhunt
Boo fucking hoo muh morality bruh don't make it a dilemma off him not wanting to leave other souls in hell he already screwed billions to save one what's one more for possibly a few thousand condemned to hell.
6/28 c43 Guest
nice virus
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