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for Rebirth

4/3/2022 c1 SparkySparkpaw
is this story going to get updated, the summary intrigues me
9/9/2021 c1 1GamingBryan1
Yeah the fandom is kinda dead but I am searching for these nowadays so keep up the work this has potential.
4/5/2021 c1 lisabakkalian
sounds interesting!
would be cool if u would continue the story
3/9/2021 c1 0Shard0
Omg the options on ffnet are working again!

First review on this fic? Probably because I'm 8 days after. The fandom isn't dead until the fiction and everybody that know about it is gone. It is staggnet and pause buffering tho. It's not a well known or hit series and the show definitely could've done better and it's one of those shows that you tend to forget for a while but remember later, like songs.

Anyway I'm interested in this fic and idea and I would love more. Also with stagnant and not a big number of decent content finding something good is difficult and is a diamond in a coal mine. This idea is great and the way you've made this so far is also great. Also I am upset that people kinda forget about Beage. There's so much to do with his character.

Ima check out the other fic you have as well as that seems interesting and I've seen lots of episodes of DP. Will learn about the detective as I haven't really gotten around to watching it yet so your fic will definitely leave an impression.

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