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5/22 c5 1AECM
Can’t wait for more
5/20 c4 Guest
This it's getting more interesting
5/8 c4 Guest
I really like tour fanfiction, i hope that You updated soon
4/13 c4 mckenzie96
Loved the updates! Still voting for Snape/Regina.
3/19 c2 mckenzie96
Regina X Snape!
3/19 c3 mckenzie96
Awesome update! Can't wait for the next one.
3/10 c1 BlackCatStar
8.) yes please
3/10 c2 BlackCatStar
SQ please
3/8 c2 1millica may
whether to continue: definitely
As for the couple: I'm in love with Regina / Snape
I really liked it ... I can't wait for the next chapter

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