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for Hunter Hunted

4/8 c1 whatsupman
A division one and with hunters. How did he come up on this area in the first place?
How big are you going to make his kill count?
Sounds interesting
3/27 c1 Teddy
Will there be more hunters? I really liked the beginning.
Please update.
Stay safe.
3/23 c1 2WhaMrSlaMr
Hunter 76
Soldier 76
Whammer 76
Sniper 76
That dude 76
3/17 c1 ThunderbladeN
I do look forward to more, if there is more. Sometimes its nice to kick back and watch someone or someones destroyed.
3/4 c1 MSala
love it! cant wait for the next one!
3/3 c1 2Th3DarkAngel
Not gonna lie, reading the author's note at the beginning of the chapter I imagined a thick Scottish accent lol.

Anyway enjoying what you've written!
3/3 c1 1The Teletrap
This is unapologetically edgy and I think that alone is going to make it a fun read.
3/2 c1 The Disquieting One
oh, this will be fun. i think the SHD could be very frightening if they hide better & more secretive than Ozluminati & Salem. like a urban legend

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