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for demigod herald of the force

8/11 c7 37Death Fury
Excellent chapter, I enjoyed the fight scene.
7/12 c6 Sj
No to the daughter question.
Demi gods are probably closer to the grey Jedi given their generally fight the good fight but are good and have emotional attachments. Light sabers sure given they already want to figure them out and Percy just got one from maul and it would be interesting to see how they're nature would effect force abilities.
Is Percy semi immortal like the hunters
7/12 c6 Death Fury
Excellent chapter;

I say either Naboo or Mandolore.

yes Shmi/Qui-Gon

I am not sure who should or shouldn't be pregnant.

sure Percy/Offspring
7/12 c6 nitewolf423
Talked into using old code. Fuck the Russian reformation
6/5 c5 Death Fury
nice chapter
6/1 c5 chimera629
Yeah didn't expect that
6/1 c3 chimera629
4 I agree if he can take titans he should stand a good chance against zesu
7 probably 9k for the children of Minor gods and good from their
6/1 c2 chimera629
Surprised they didn't ask what the force was.
Surprised you made Skywalker a girl and wondering where obi wan is
6/1 c1 chimera629
7 variable but should be high depending on the count of their parents,since I guess the divine being in your story will be being made of force plus the concepts of their godhood
8 half immortal
9nah keep his history cannon but since this seems to be after the books just add your stuff from 17 on
5/3 c4 Death Fury
nice chapter, I trust your judgment
2/13 c3 Death Fury
Excellent chapter, yes I think there should be Lemons in this story.

I think depending on the parents should depend on the Mindiclorian Count, and how powerful the Demigod is.
9/14/2021 c2 Death Fury
Excellent chapter, not much to say about it, but I enjoyed it.
9/14/2021 c2 1WildMan98
I think Percy would have 2, a blue and green one.

Also, interesting story, can’t wait to see where it goes.
8/17/2021 c4 37Death Fury

pity I don't use those sites
7/29/2021 c1 PartyHardy5
Dumpster Fire.
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