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2/9/2022 c1 Cole
Interesting start of the story. Quick question, was the changing of “Ginevra” to “Ginerva” an intentional change? Usually I only see the “Ginerva” misspelling of Ginny’s full first name in Harry/Ginny fan-fictions when it’s in a Daily Prophet or other article within a story, usually to highlight a gormless reporter who care more about publishing a story about Harry vs getting facts and names right, although I’ve seen this misspelling genuinely used a few times, whether intentionally or unintentionally, but that is the one thing that’s “bumping” me out of the story at this point.

I really am genuinely liking the story though.
2/9/2022 c8 scrappy8
great chapter
9/18/2021 c7 7Millie15128
As much as I love what you have written, I am on Season 4 of Ertugrul and I know everything that is happening. Unfortunately, there is no suspense for me in this story. And I will always be comparing it to the real Ertugrul show. Regardless of all that, you have a gift with writing. I am a writer myself and you write very well.

It is also confusing for me since I keep trying to figure out which Harry Potter things you have integrated into Ertugrul and vice versa. Thus, I pay more attention to that than the actual story.

What I don't understand is why Harry goes to brothels. I just cant see him doing that. And Ginny is eleven years younger than him!?
6/3/2021 c7 scrappy8
great chapter
4/18/2021 c3 Millie15128
JamesSuleiman Shah
LilyHayme Ana
ArthurNoman Afandy
SiriusDeli Demir
4/18/2021 c1 Millie15128
The TV series name is Dirillis: Ertugrul. I am watching it and currently on Season 3. Imagine my surprise when I read this story's summary and realized it sounds awfully familiar. And then I read your author notes.
3/25/2021 c6 scrappy8
great chapter
3/22/2021 c5 Sirenstrong0617
More! Please!
3/22/2021 c5 Fl4v1nh4
I’m confused about some names and kingdoms and stuff. It’d be easier maybe just using Harry Potter name’s but I’m interested in the story
3/22/2021 c5 scrappy8
great chapter
3/8/2021 c4 scrapppy8
great chapter
3/5/2021 c3 scrappy8
great chapter
3/5/2021 c3 gamer2004
Good job, Keep it up!
3/5/2021 c1 gamer2004
Well well well!
I guessed it!
the name of that series is Reserection: Ertugrul, it's turkish TV Serial about Ertugrul gazi, father of osman gazi, founder of Ottoman Empire.
Harry: ertugrul;
Sirius: Deli/crazy demir;
Bill: Gundogdu;
Fleur: Selcan;
Gabrielle: Gokche;
Princess Ginevra: halime;
Arthur: Prince numan from Seljuk dinasty;
Jhonathan; Prince yigit alp
3/5/2021 c2 Guest
Wow sooo
Good! Waiting for the next update!
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