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4/10 c7 Looney Tunes Fan
Great story! I like the characterisation! LTF
3/18 c7 18preciouslittletoonette
This was all such a lovely read. Can't wait to see what else you have in store
3/14 c5 preciouslittletoonette
Poor Daffy, man I was in disbelief when I read that part where Porky tells Bugs and Elmer that Daffy's in hospital and I was just wondering,What the heck did Pistols do?" and the last part answered that. Makes me want to dropkick Pistols on the spot even more. Chuck and Bugs' conversation though when imagining it in my head is pretty funny. Especially if you have to imagine Chuck struggling not to smile and Bugs looking like he committed the crime of the century. It's too cute. Great chapter
3/11 c4 preciouslittletoonette
I don't mind the early update. I'm quite pleasantly surprised. Can't wait for Bugs and Daffy to give Pistols a good whopping.
3/9 c3 preciouslittletoonette
Oh this Pistols guy is giving me the creeps. Poor Elmer. Great chapter!
3/7 c2 20Tessa Honeybee
Bugs and Elmer's relationship is so enjoyable to read. It sounds honest, organic, and not overbarringly in the reader's face. I also love the dynamic between the toons and their directors/dads. Good job, and keep writing!
3/3 c1 18preciouslittletoonette
This is so cute! It's wholesome seeing Bugs and Elmer get along so well. Great work again Roxy

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