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for Ash and Co Read The Traveler

8/19 c3 Guest
I was not shocked you quit this haha.
8/19 c3 Reader
Was hoping you'd make it at least to the end of the Indigo League
8/19 c3 Guest
Just delete this work if you don’t want to continue it anymore
8/21 c3 1RazecTheKiller
Don't worry about that, when you write it's better with inspiration, if you don't have that and force the writing it would end up not being so good, and you also have good writing, I liked how you made the characters
8/21 c2 RazecTheKiller
Excellent chapter, I loved everything especially as it abbreviated some parts, traveler is very good but chapters are really long, and as for your ash interaction I would say it's a good thing, better to hear harsh words but help to improve than they are gentle and let's go it on its own.

As for the pokemon I would choose in real life probably poochyena, I've always liked it and northern pokemons have greater advantage against ghosts, so be it pokemon or real ghosts...it's always good to have someone who can scare them away... the soft fur is just a bonus of course.
8/20 c1 RazecTheKiller
A pokemon reaction fanfic, you really had a great idea! I've been wanting to read something like this for a long time and your choice to react to Traveler was fantastic, I'm really looking forward to reading future chapters!
8/19 c3 Eternatus
I loved the way the story went... It's the first time I saw it and really loved the concept... So sad to hear that you are asking for adoption... Honestly it was going great... Like interpreting a story by real characters.. That was a good thought and you chose the best : Traveler by straight elf is a master piece and you did a nice job... Especially chapter 2...

Anyway it's all your choice... If you wish to continue you may please... Otherwise it's ok
8/12 c2 Guest
Please update the traveler already at 58
8/6 c1 rylek196
Since this story is a huge pile of shit, I'm gonna self promote my better story than this abortion. *Ahem* I hate to repeat myself (Just kidding, this story is shit, and deserves it), but I have been writing this amazing story called "Long Way to Fall". It has great characters, great action scenes, great descriptions, and great expansions to the Unova lore. So what are you waiting for, it's only a few clicks away from my profile :D.
8/6 c2 AlphaWolf246
Aren't you going to update
7/29 c2 Darkrai838
This is really good. Will you update soon?
7/22 c2 4Shadowlord1295
Love the idea I do but with you cutting out parts from the original it makes it hard to read because we can't really tell what they are talking about when they comment so please put in everything and please update soon
5/29 c1 1Everpeach
Is this still alive?
5/20 c2 7Vuurvlieg
Would love to read more of this! The Traveler is an amazing story and to have a more canon Ash &co reacting is just awesome! I definitely like the way you write it!
4/1 c2 wakfu321
Yes! Thank you for making this hope of mine a reality!
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