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for TABG

3/5 c1 4djpj7652
3/5 c1 Bruhmeister935
Where is MY OUI'S AT?
3/4 c1 CarlFromStatefarm
Absolutely phenomenal, but not enough "oui".
3/4 c1 Non ya business
Five stars make another
3/3 c1 ZeEinKaizerIA
0/10, no Oui's
3/3 c1 b08p112
A 10/10 shitpost would read again.
3/3 c1 12Captaindrake123
Your right, this is a piece of shit.

But it's cathartic and made me laugh, so I give it a ten. A, five stars, would read again.
3/3 c1 MemeMasterAssBlaster
Lmao what the fuck did I just read

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