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for The Lion Cub (HP SI)

9/24 c74 Soraslove
Well, it seems lessons with his grandmother will be worth something after all.
9/23 c42 Soraslove
I wonder if harry is using daphne as a political envoy by using her emotions against her... or if he has genuine feelings for her? And what about fleur?
9/23 c39 Soraslove
I suppose helena thinks harry should just kiss voldy-shorts into submission, as well. After all, what do the lives of the living matter to the dead?
9/23 c74 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
9/22 c74 kageknuser2710
Ah, Harry is finally receiving the boon of the Young Master. Badass Granny teaching him awesome magic.
9/22 c33 Soraslove
Ya, fleur surely had you made fella, lol.
9/22 c31 Soraslove
Oh wow, harry is related to the flamels? Not exactly, a loving family are they?
9/22 c27 Soraslove
Oh the ritual helps with animagus training as well? That's very cool, two for one type of deal. I wonder if there's light based rituals that would also help harry or even slighty grey ones that won't effect his magic negatively, of course.
9/22 c25 Soraslove
A flaming lady, eh? Interesting.
9/22 c24 Soraslove
Dumbles could definitely be classified as wicked in his own way, I suppose.
9/22 c22 Soraslove
Good for you harry, those dursley deserve as much suffering as you can give them!
9/22 c74 Dzerx
Meh from one master to another. This one is even supposedly blood related.
9/22 c74 Dracaris5470
for all his "I'm doing what I want" speeches he really falls for the most basic manipulations , really the most important part is that their is absolutely nothing left of what was supposed to be an older SI that guy truly is an idiot
9/22 c74 ManAs Raj
Awesome !
9/22 c73 marlastiano
wow :)
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