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for The Lion Cub (HP SI)

7/27/2021 c8 person1357
A political marriage might be what mc is more inclined towards, but remember in cannon hermione becomes the minister of magic.
7/27/2021 c8 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Whatever it takes.
7/26/2021 c8 Necromancy94
I hope Draco meets buckbeak again casually walking around Hogwarts then hiding him too make everyone think Draco is going crazy, that would be funny
7/26/2021 c6 Guest
Nah Fleur is too young for you...old ass man.
7/26/2021 c8 ImpEmp
Gotta say it's great seeing Daphne Greengrass, who is basically cemented in fanon as the good girl ice queen, getting treated like the typical student from the house of nazis in training.

Great story btw. Wish it was longer cause I enjoyed it
7/26/2021 c8 Barbaric Bob
he could give the memory of his second year where Lucious tried to FUCKING AK HARRY IN THE DAMNED SCHOOL
...that's a reputation killer and a half
7/26/2021 c8 Doctor Doofenshmirtz
Niiice. Glad to see this is back.
7/26/2021 c8 Glitner
this story is awesome ! but he should really go to the doctor and do a scan on himself for problems in his body i could only guess how many magical things he could get for his own body etc etc , anyway daphne and fluer is a good pairing a bit cliche but hey they work ? )
7/26/2021 c8 scyfly
you know it is actually really funny how hermione fights for house elf rights. if sirius black can be railroaded into azkaban without trial what would malfoy do against hermione if he is sick of her voice? ask snape or the ministry for her adress kill her and her parents? who would complain or be able to make a case against malfoy.

hermione making it to year seven in canon was a bloody miracle.

go house elves. priorities right?

400 galleons seems a bit expensive for enchanted glasses. but then what is the value of a galleon anyways? that is why you are better of not mentioning it.
"the glasses were kinda expensive but after some consideration he decided it was worth it. he left the story with considerable lighter pockets but he did not care"
no dubious questioning about the value of the galleon needed.

rita would you like the memory of how lucius malfoy tried to kill me but was stopped by an house elf? (second year right after freeing dobby, malfoy never got beyond avada)

pretty cool story
7/26/2021 c4 Glitner
daphne or fluer is the only pairing thats awesome ! xD
7/26/2021 c4 3Hankton
it seems ridiculous for si to immediately slot dumbledore as an enemy. he is acting way out off character for someone without occlumency
7/26/2021 c7 scyfly
have to really disagree with you here.
what requires more will power to make a rock go against his nature of being 'hardsolid' or to make a living bird go against his nature of 'freeflightlivingsurvival'

i'd say changing the bird is much easier. there is no way in hell ppl could transfigure animals because they truly know them, there are simply to many animals for that nor has the magical world enough information on them. ergo they piggy back off of the world soul, basicly giving a template that gets collored by the world and animated by your intent which is why a lion would be well behaved.

to make a rock a bird you need to know the bird as in what it represent
to make the bird a rock you need to subdue its will and know what the rock represents
the identity if the rock is simply but of the bird far mor complex.

7/26/2021 c6 scyfly
hmm decent interview with skeeter but you really skipped from point to point but never really told the full story of each. by the end we have three or four topics:
who is harry potter,
why is he in the triwizard tournament,
why is snape a bad man,
sirius black innocent.
ive read enough HP to dream these subjects yet even for me my mind was distracted by what the salient topic was. i think it wouldve made a far greater impact to spread this out in one topic per interview or per article and then fill the whole paper.
7/18/2021 c6 G silently
i really like that in all the stories you've written and posted in this site that i have read the MC's dont focus solely on personal power and instead go for a balance of personal power and political and what i like even more is that the MC's political enemies are well written. i hope you update this story soon.
7/5/2021 c1 1Archonstine
Bro, it's been about 2 and half months since the last update. When is the next chapter coming out?
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