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for The Lion Cub (HP SI)

10/22/2023 c76 LeightonWD
Brilliant work
10/21/2023 c54 13Freddie Rindklip
Once introduced to Lillith the fic seems to be getting darker.
10/21/2023 c30 12stealacandy
"Did you know the hiding place of the Potters when they were under the Fidelius charm?"


What do you mean "no"?
Of course he did know it!
10/21/2023 c76 Ep
10/20/2023 c76 DeluxeHipster1945
Good. Also nice new picutre.
10/20/2023 c76 kageknuser2710
So... Harry is such a little bitch he needs a cigarette to deal with 'trauma'? Such a wack coping mechanism. Anyway, the rest of the chapter was great!
10/20/2023 c76 1TimC34
"Spilt milk under the bridge"! Jeremy Irons, Margin Call. Liked that film.
10/19/2023 c5 Ariadne Venegas
He has no fat to burn!
Also he needs desperately some carbohydrates because he is developing and he is to thin.

Protein is absorbed better with carbohydrates! Like cereals, even a little like some bread or oatmeal. He need sugar also because he studying and he is a child. Like in honey.

So you must fix the lunch specially for a kid who do a lot of mental and physical exercises (all those stairs in a big castle are not a minor thing. Using all that magic also need calories)

And nothing for fat because poor Harry have any to burn!
He need a lot of milk because his bones are in poor shape, and some nutrient potions.
10/18/2023 c61 JustAngry
I feel like this chapter is a turning point where this story goes to shit. I hope i am wrong but it just screams angsty drama incoming to me.
10/15/2023 c75 fraewyn
Love it!
10/10/2023 c75 InfinityMask
Soo he kill all those giant? Surprise no one run away. Looking forward to see people reaction to giant massacre.
10/10/2023 c74 InfinityMask
That spell became really famous huh? Than again it’s cool spell unlike anything we ever seen in HP series.
10/10/2023 c72 InfinityMask
Ohh what this? You really like throwing such info.
10/10/2023 c71 InfinityMask
Well damn… that was so cool! And satisfying.
10/10/2023 c70 InfinityMask
Hooo. Things get more fun huh?
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