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for The Lion Cub (HP SI)

12/2 c80 Guest
Great job, great chapter!
12/1 c80 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
12/1 c80 JohnMonty
Great chapter! Shame Harry didn't get any luckier with Greengrass, though reading her reaction to Harry suddenly turning into A lion was brilliant! I can picture it now and laugh! Good that he got the Quidditch victory and that he's been successful in invading Voldemort's mind and getting some good info from him. Almost feel sorry for Voldy, looking back at how cunning Harry is and his interactions with Voldemort you can A mile away Voldemort as no hope of killing Harry. He still doesn't know he's infected with HIV and that's what is leaving him magically weakened. Hell the HIV might just end up killing Tom or at least ruining his body internally before Harry can kill him. When will the next chapter be uploaded for FanFiction? Great chapter and fanfic! Update soon!
12/1 c80 5plums
I do like that you’re finally wrapping back around to providing consequences for a politically ambitious Amelia bones to be smacked down at some point, and to have it have consequences for her family.
11/29 c79 28Kairan1979
I'm surprised Harry isn't a black-maned lion.
11/28 c79 fraewyn
love it
11/28 c79 Rio47
11/27 c26 Guest
Politics are pretty uninteresting
11/26 c1 Brawlingbard
"The sun was barely up, and there were a few hours to sunrise."
Which one is it. Is the sun barely up? Or are there a few hours to sunrise? It can't be both.
11/26 c1 Guest
Pls give up on going back… it’s the worst trope in fan fiction in my opinion it’s always so annoying
11/19 c15 santos.luis.contato
Ever since Ron apologise, Harry abandoned Neville...
11/18 c79 OKxReader
the Nemean lion is my guess
11/18 c79 Guest
Great chapter!
11/18 c79 Temsen
Well then. There is stupid, and then there is whatever delusions Umbridge thought up, lol.
11/17 c79 LeightonWD
Great work and we have our email updates back
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