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for The Lion Cub (HP SI)

11/5 c17 Vukk
Since when did Harry or Ron take muggle studies? Granted, it makes sense for every muggle born/raised as it should be an easy O, but Harry and Ron took CoMC and divination.
11/4 c77 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please udpate!
11/4 c77 Guest
Great job!
11/3 c1 steve
you should have put oc instead if it's a self insert it's not harry potter at all it's who ever the hell you are witch makes it a self insert jerk off fantasy nothing more and the writer should be the only one reading it.
11/3 c77 shirousagi87
Poor voldy, he would end been the end of a joke of the new marauders XD
11/3 c77 Temsen
Damn, Harry's been a wizard for too long, he's already forgetting math. 32711 indeed.
11/3 c77 scyfly
a mountain of corpses is different from a mountain with corpses...

so this prophecy orb is a portkey into a volcano right? or better yet space
11/3 c77 scyfly
everytime i think you hit rock bottom you find a new low.

there is no way any wizard would hand out autographs on paper that isnt his own and then has the link to them broken. the goblet of fire shows why. but writing it on something that conveniently looks like a doll but really is contract ranging from slavery to transfering all gold...

boggles the mind
11/1 c31 Guest
This “immortal witch” OC ruined the entire story and made this story garbage. Honestly if I knew this would happen then I would have never wasted on my time on this dumpster fire of a story. Go f*ck yourself for making me waste my time on this trash.
10/31 c76 NekoElder
The discord link on your bio has expired
10/29 c68 Seananagan
Honestly lame the MC cut things off with Fleur and how it was done. I get he wants political power but he should know even if he gets Daphne that the power lies with Perenelle not Daphne or her family so he could have kept things with Fleur and still had it. The love triangle feels incredibly unnecessary.
10/26 c68 r-Sam
THAN YOU for Harry not just telling the whole school about the RoR. That always bugs the shit out of me. Your way of handling it was spot on.
10/25 c76 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
I agree with Snape that replacing the Prophecy makes the perfect sense.
10/24 c11 4Pen NameG
and to continue my shitting on this fic. "here Sirius some formal documents I got from the father of your neice, read them and sign them. and the wizarding world government will see you for a trial" says Harry Potter the fifteen year old. "Harry how did you do all of this magical stuff? this is insane they wouldn't see me the lord Black for a trial?" says the old man who grew up in Black family politics and would likely understand what the papers meant without sucking his godson's dick about it.

want would have been this chapter without all the bullshitSirius the ministry will have to see you for a trial with these formal documents and signatures from other noble houses!" says Harry excitedly to his god father who he went to go see immediately after receiving the documents. "That's amazing Harry!" Sirius gives his godson a hug. and then looks over the documents with increasing excitement. "Perfect! make sure this gets back to old tonks for me and then we can get this show on the road!" Sirius exclaims

because, y'know he would believe Harry, read the forms to varify, and then hope for the best. Sirius was not very serious. and believed in his godson way more than he should have. he also thought he didn't have any real support but if he has a lawyer in his corner and a noble petition he would instantly understand he isn't fucked if he walks into a court room, and that this is just the first step.

eh whatever I'm tired and bitching at your story. don't take it personally this is fun.
10/24 c10 Pen NameG
10 relatively long chapters in and we just now get told that Harry spends 30 god damn minutes of his day every day meditating? that's a good fucking portion of time. hell we haven't even been told about the defense against the darks arts CLASS so I guess it's not surprising. just pulling shit out of your ass that's convenient and easy to explain why Harry does certain things. but he doesn't do those things outside of when it's convenient, lazy as fuck and makes him seem like he's just the author making up crap, not a character.
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