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for The Lion Cub (HP SI)

1/15 c11 Immaterium
I enjoyed the preparations and the First Task very much, good work. When it comes to Ron I will not mind if he becomes "background character" , never really cared for him much.
On the other hand I hope that Hermione will remain in the " inner circle "
1/15 c78 GorrilaVMan
now what would be funny is that the fake prophecy that Harry and co put in the chamber is actually a music video clip of the maccerna but with Harry, Sirius and random hogwarts girls doing the whole music video
1/14 c4 Immaterium
Interesting story, the POV of this story is new for me but interesting. On the case of Dumbledore - after I finished the series I never liked him after that. In my opinion he was manipulating, naive, cowardly fool that was counting on for " the universe to somehow find it's path and solve the problem on its self"
1/13 c84 yoto
bon chapitre
1/13 c84 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
1/13 c84 qwertyuiop123214685
this should help him beat lilith, going back to before she was born
1/12 c84 Rebell 01
Timeturner plus portkey makes timetravel?
1/12 c84 Silence1183
Time travel thing to Pre Hogsmead era seems unnecessary and uninteresting
1/12 c84 kageknuser2710
Okay. Color me freaking intrigued!
1/12 c49 Senyrion
Plot is quite intriguing, but lost on the two timing nonsense. The protagonist is a horrible person, can't really sympathise with him at all. A real pity, it had much potential and is not badly written.
1/12 c84 Vukk
This is already a long story. Time travel hundreds of years, if not a thousands, should be a separate story. The only exception is if Harry invents the philosophers stone and is secretly Nicolas Flamel.
1/12 c84 0DINS0N
Meh puppet Harry per usual.
1/12 c84 5plums
I’m going to pretend the last five percent of the chapter didn’t happen.
1/12 c84 4SimFlyer
OMG! Founders era shenanigans! Awesome!
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